Thursday, December 01, 2022

Real rural girls support Steve Johnson

| September 25, 2022 1:00 AM

This here country gal is writing in Steve Johnson for Idaho State Senate in November. Why? My family has lived in Idaho for five generations and we know that Steve Johnson will represent our true Idahoan values.

In five generations my family has never seen the likes of Scott Herndon. His proposed policies would not work to protect our country life — they favor selling our public lands to the highest bidder. Steve Johnson, on the other hand, has lived and worked in North Idaho for decades. I've met him several times and it's clear he understands the importance of fighting to preserve our rural lifestyle. His top priority is to reduce property taxes. With the incredible growth our region has seen over the last ten years, we need a State Senator that will protect the values of rural Idahoans like myself. Steve Johnson is the man for the job. Please join me in proudly voting in November-- write in Steve Johnson for Idaho State Senate.

I signed up online for an absentee ballot so I can vote while juggling taking care of my young children, farm animals, and property. You can, too! Request an absentee ballot at — it'll take you two minutes.



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