Friday, March 24, 2023

Community support helps BHT help others

| March 16, 2023 1:00 AM

On behalf of the Bonner Homeless Transitions board of directors and employees Program Managers Joanne Barlow and Mary Jo Knutson and Repair and Maintenance personnel John Rogers and the mission we serve in our community, we want to thank all of the donors to our Avenues For Hope Housing Campaign who have contributed to supporting our efforts to assist and reintroduce families back into the community with stable futures. Your support is greatly appreciated. Through the efforts of our 118 donors and sponsors, we were able to raise $60,460, of which $4,400 was matching funds from the Idaho Housing and Finance Association.

Our major donors were:

• Mary Jo and Jack Ambrosiani, $10,000

• Anonymous, $9,000

• Anonymous, $7,000

• Holy Spirit Episcopal Church, $3,292

• Mary and John McPherson, $2,500

• Malcolm and Pamela Kinney, $2,000

• Richard Wilfert, $2,000

• Alan and Laurie Lambert, $1,550

• Avista Corporation, $1,500

• Cheyenna Whittier, $1,000

• Kealy Boychuk, $1,000

• Dale and Nancy Coffelt, $1,000

• Toby McNeal, $1,000

• Dale Pitts, $1,000

• Marian OReilly, $700

• Richard and Elise Creed, $600

• River Clemons, $500

• Cliff and Carol Warren, $500

• Karen Davis, $500

• Sally Park, $500

• Sharie Rowland, $500

• Diane and Randy Harrison, $500

We would also like to thank Idaho Housing and Finance Association for sponsoring the Avenues For Hope Housing Campaign. In an effort to assist organizations such as ours in efforts to raise necessary operating funds for our programs, IHFA matched many of our donations through prize awards, many of which we were able to reach.

Additionally, we have expanded our ability to serve the homeless population by acquiring the Kinderhaven building for the next year. This will greatly help those families needing a safe place to live and programs to assist them in their efforts to achieve self-sufficiency and increase the quality of their lives.

In closing, we would also like to thank Mary Jo and Jack Ambrosiani and especially the Ambrosiani Pastore Foundation for their continued support over the last 15 years. While each year seems to present the community with various challenges across a broad front of unique needs for the homeless, the abused and special needs populations, we are always encouraged and the community in general has found ways to address many of the families’ unique situations, (i.e. food banks, soup kitchens, meals-on-wheels).




Ann Gehring, Vice President

Janet Pultorak, Secretary

Laurie Lambert, Director

Barbara Oler, Director

Patty Shook, Director

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