Sunday, July 14, 2024

Response to letter speaks for itself

| July 2, 2024 1:00 AM

I am very gratified to see the responses to my letter concerning the lying hypocrisy of Democrats in Bonner County. Actually, the problem is worse than anyone knows. The Republican Party is a private organization and does not have to let liberal Democrats vote in their primary. This is a legal fact. Republicans want to elect conservatives to represent them in the Legislature, not secondhand RINOs.

In 2022, 290 registered Democrats changed their political affiliation to Republican so they could vote in the primary, and in 2024, 278 Democrats did the same. 568 party changers who are hard-core liberals who lied so they could elect RINO Jim Woodward. They express hatred for conservative Scott Herndon because he is not a liberal. Go figure. 

Rob Harrison, in his letter to the editor, says openly that "A vote for a Democrat in North Idaho is a wasted vote." This says it all. "Quod erat demonstrandum" — which (is what) was to be shown. This explains perfectly what is going on with the Democratic Party in North Idaho. Lawrence Fury begs me to look in the mirror. I see an American who loves her country and the Constitution of the United States. She is honest and open and doesn't lie about her politics.

The aggressive, whingy tone of the letters to the editor about the party changers says it all. If you weren't ashamed of what you've done, you wouldn't cry so hard.

One last thing, I have received an overwhelming, positive response to my "party changer" letter. I am grateful to the honest, hardworking conservative people who have responded.