Friday, July 19, 2024

Cryptic claims on climate need to be unpacked

| July 7, 2024 1:00 AM

Concerning a recent letter in the June 23 Daily Bee; it took a while to make out the cryptic message he was trying to get across. Apparently what he was trying to say was that his statements are 100% correct due to his logic and anyone who questions his opinions are wrong.

I have exchanged posts with an individual on a national blog thread with similar … opinions.  His positions are always right, and like the recent letter writer of the 23rd, he either has no credentials in climate science or refuses to state them. His name is Rich and he claims that CO2 is actually of benefit to us and that global warming is caused by volcanos, fewer clouds and the sun getting hotter. 

Now back to our local climate expert who claims that CO2 levels are higher in S. America and Africa with all their healthy rain forests. If one actually took a few minutes, their research would reveal that the CO2 levels there are the lowest on the planet and highest in the northern hemisphere where most developed countries are.  The southern hemisphere has the lowest CO2 because plants and trees actually take in CO2 and release oxygen.