Friday, July 19, 2024

First Amendment allows for freedom of expression

| July 9, 2024 1:00 AM

Ms. Fahrig's letter (Daily Bee, July 2) needs a bit of examination.  

First, she claims that the Republican party doesn't have to let anyone but true conservative Republicans vote in the primary. And by implication, only those who are "right" thinkers deserve any representation. Well, then she apparently wouldn't mind picking up the tab for the entire Republicans-only party primary instead of depending on the general public's tax dollars going to stage their private affair.

I further wonder if her loathing for those who lie extends to Mr. Herndon's untruths in his mailers which paint Jim Woodward as some type of flaming liberal out to destroy our country. Did he serve his country as Jim did? As for respecting the Constitution, I'm glad she and Herndon decided to express their respect for the Second Amendment when he tried bringing firearms into the Festival at Sandpoint a few years ago. The litigation that ensued cost all taxpayers nearly $200,000. We paid for both sides, the city and the county, to fight each other in court. Shouldn't they have shelled out the money for it?

Also, these very conservatives tend to forget the parts of the Constitution that conflict with their viewpoints. Namely, that pesky First Amendment that says we have freedom of speech. Namely the right to write, print and read what we want without interference from the government. You know that little House Bill 710 which would penalize libraries and their staff if they merely display reading material that conservatives find objectionable.

It really puzzles me why some feel so threatened by all us poor old minority progressives and moderates. Haven't they owned state government for a couple of decades now as well as an all-conservative federal delegation? Poor dears.

As an aside, the Bee also edited out a portion of my last letter as well. It concerned Ms. Fahrig's profession. So you see, Ms. Fahrig, you were not singled out because of politics. QED as you put it, aka: "What was to be shown." Concerning taking liberties with one's political position, when backed into a corner by rules meant to disenfranchise, one does what one has to just to be heard. And as a self-stated lover of the constitution, I take it Ms. Fahrig fully condemns the events that took place in D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021?



Editor's note: The reference to Ms. Fahrig's profession was edited out to remove any potential it would be seen as a personal attack or that any views an individual holds have less weight because of their profession.