Sunday, July 14, 2024

Who are the real RINOs of the Republican Party?

| June 30, 2024 1:00 AM

I read the letter by Catherine Fahrig (Daily Bee, June 9) where she said she has the names "of all the 278 party changers" and will be letting the community know who they are. "People have the right to know what is going on in the shadows." It brought to mind Nellie Olsen.

If she decides to do this, I hope she will give the true party that those voters were, before they held their noses and became Republican for the day. Because. if I am correct. you will find that maybe, maybe there will be 10% Democrats. The rest of the 90% will be unaffiliated voters.

Do you remember us? The ones your party is so afraid of us, that it refuses to let us vote under our own choice during the primaries. Because those are the ones who have to change their view for a day.

Every time I see in print or hear someone saying RINO (Republican in name only), I laugh because those are the very people who are truly RINOs. The four-fifths of the Republican party is truly RINO as there are five Republican parties.

1. the Good Old Party of the 1940s and '50s that our parents belonged to ... who believed in Lincoln, Eisenhower, and such.

2. Reagan Republican Party

3. Because the Reagan Party has not gotten along, they have split into the Other Reagan Party

4. The Tea Party Republican Party

5. The Redoubt Republican Party

All four (2-5) can't stand on their own so they grabbed hold of the

Republican Party, thus they are the true RINO.

Idaho has a lot of unaffiliated voters due to our disgust with both parties.

Some try to shame the likes of Jim Woodward and Shawn Keough because even though they are true Republicans, they want to serve all citizens like Lincoln-Eisenhower-McCain and such. That is why they are supported by the unaffiliated voter.

Remember the old saying, while you are pointing at others ... there are three more fingers pointing back at you.