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Shelton, Kinkead catch way to LPOIC derby honors

Staff Writer | May 11, 2024 1:00 AM

It might have been slow fishing on the derby's final day, but when the last line was pulled it was Josh Shelton and Paul Kinkead claiming top honors.

It was, Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club's Dave Gillespie said, a great derby thanks to the volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make it happen and all of the fishermen and women who took part.

"Congratulations to all the winners," he said. "Great fishing. Thank you to everyone that participated in this derby, and we hope to have you join us again next year."

Josh Shelton caught a 22.65-pound, 34 3/4-inch fish to claim top honors in the Adult Rainbow Division. Following in the division were Kenny Breeden, 21.50, 34;  Charlie Jett, 19.15, 32 1/4; and Mike Fisher, 17.75, 35. All four fish were released.

Ending in the top spot in the Adult Mackinaw Division was Paul Kinkead with a 19.45-pound, 37-inch mackinaw. Tim Faiers caught a 16.55-pound, 35-inch mackinaw on the derby's last day to claim second place in the division. He is followed by Jim Carothers, 16.1, 34; Brad Sturgis, 16, 34; and Ed Reeves, 15.2, 33 1/4, to round out the top five places in the division.

Fisher LaRue claimed top honors in the Junior Division with a 13.9-pound, 31-inch rainbow. He was followed by Marshall Dillon, 12.50, 30, rainbow; Carter Blackburn, 10.80, 28, rainbow; and Levi Cook, 9.80, 30, rainbow. All four of the fish were released.

In the Youth A Division, Savannah Long ended up in the top spot with a 33-inch rainbow. Catching their way onto the leaderboard on the derby's final day were Gracie Belgarde with a 33-inch rainbow, for second, and Donnie Houk Jr. with a 32 1/2-inch rainbow, for third. All three fish were released. 

In the Youth B Division, Colton Laybourne, claimed first with a 31 1/2-inch rainbow, followed by Dalton Belgarde, second, 30 3/4, rainbow; and Owen Belgarde, third, 29 1/2, rainbow. All three fish were released.

Brad Sturgis kicked off the derby with a 9.35-pound, 28 1/4 mackinaw on the first day. Also rounding out the leaderboard in the division on opening day were Jake Heffter, 8.05, 27 1/2; Mark Townsend, 7.6, 27; Jason Williams, 7.6, 27 1/2; and Jim Carothers, 6.4, 27; Michelle Douglass, 6.35, 25; Becky Sturgis - 5.65, 25 1/4; Wayne Keichenberg - 4.60, 23; Marvin Blackburn - 3.10, 21 1/4; and Stephen Miller - 3, 21.

In the Junior Division, Landon Blackburn caught a 4.05-pound, 23-inch mackinaw to take the lead. In the Youth A division, Ariana DaVault caught a 4.45-pound, 24-inch mackinaw for the top spot, followed by Savannah Long, who caught a 21-inch rainbow that was released. 

Small rainbows and mackinaw were the order on the derby's first day, with the adult rainbow division filling up and nice-sized mackinaw making for changes on the leaderboard on the second day.

Kenny Breeden brought in a 21.5-pound, 34-inch rainbow to capture the lead in the division, followed by Charlie Koch, 16.1, 33; Pat Raynor, 15.85, 33 1/4. All three fish were released. Marcus Hall caught a 15.65, 32 3/4 rainbow for fourth.

In the mackinaw division, Jim Carothers moved up to take the lead with a 16.10-pound, 34-inch mackinaw, followed by Adam Arthur, 11.10, 32; Brad Sturgis, 9.35, 28 1/4; and Chris Knutson, 8.95, 28 3/4. Also joining the leaderboard were Mark Townsend, 7.6, 27; and Dale Greene, 5.35, 24 1/4.

Olivia DaVault caught a 29 1/2-inch rainbow for the top spot in the Youth A division, followed by Jozie Morrison, 28 1/2 rainbow; Gracie Belgarde, 28, rainbow. All three fish were released.

In the Youth B division, Colton Laybourne caught a 31 1/2-inch rainbow for first place, followed by Tucker Shelton, 20, rainbow. Both fish were released.

Despite the big winds and rainstorms that added up to big water on the derby's third day, anglers still brought in a few fish. There were no changes in the adult rainbow division and Joedy Friemel caught a 9.45-pound, 28-inch mackinaw to claim third spot on the day. Also catching their way onto the leaderboard were Zach Mohr, 9.20, 29.25, fifth; Gary Thompson, 7.85, 27 1/2, eighth; and Dan Kaestner, 7.75, 28, ninth.

In the Junior Division, Fisher LaRue caught a 13.9-pound, 31-inch rainbow that was released, taking over the spot. Claiming second in the Youth B division was Tucker Shelton with a 20-inch rainbow which was released.

The derby's fourth day brought changes to both the adult rainbow and Mackinaw leaderboards despite the high wind and waves.

Adding their name to the adult rainbow leaderboard in second place was Charlie Jett, who caught a 16.1-pound, 33-inch rainbow that was released. Catching their way onto the Mackinaw leader board was James Mullen with a 10-pound, 29-inch for third place.

High winds and waves also marked the derby's fifth day, but LPOIC officials said anglers were still able to pull in rainbow and Mackinaw.

While the rainbow division was unchanged, Dan Taylor caught a 9.45-pound, 29 1/4-inch mackinaw for fifth place; Dan Kaestner, 9.25, 27 1/2, seventh; and Zac Taylor, 8.75, 27 1/2, tenth.

In the Youth B division, Clive Peterson caught a 21-inch rainbow for third place.

Josh Shelton took over first place in the adult rainbow division on the derby's sixth day with a 22.65-inch, 34 3/4-inch fish. Claiming fourth place was Mike Fisher with a 17.75-pound, 35-inch rainbow. Both fish were released.

On the derby's seventh day, Brad Sturgis caught a 16-pound, 34-inch rainbow to claim second place in the division; and Ed Reeves caught a 15.20, 33 1/4 rainbow for third. In the Junior Division, Carter Blackburn caught a 10.80-pound, 28-inch rainbow, which was released, for second. Hunter Bronsun caught a 6.90-pound, 27-inch mackinaw for third.

Paul Kinkead caught a 19.45-pound, 37-inch fish to take over the top spot in the Mackinaw division. In the Junior division, Levi Cook caught a 9.80-pound, 30-inch rainbow for fourth place; later releasing the fish.

The Youth A and B divisions were busy on the derby's eighth day. In the Youth A division, Savannah Long, 33, rainbow, took over first and Donnie Houk Jr., 32 1/2, rainbow, second. Both fish were released. In the Youth B division, Dalton Belgarde, 30 3/4, rainbow, claimed second; and Owen Belgarde, 29 1/2, rainbow, released, third.

Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club

Spring Derby 2024

Adult Rainbow Division

1. Josh Shelton, 22.65 pounds, 34 3/4 inches, released; 2. Kenny Breeden, 21.50, 34, released; 3. Charlie Jett, 19.15, 32 1/4, released; 4. Mike Fisher, 17.75, 35, released.

Adult Mackinaw Division

1. Paul Kinkead, 19.45 pounds, 37 inches; 2. Tim Faiers, 16.55, 35; 3. Jim Carothers, 16.10, 34; 4. Brad Sturgis, 16, 34; 5. Ed Reeves, 15.20, 33 1/4; 6. Adam Arthur, 11.10, 32; 7. James Mullen, 10, 29; 8. Joedy Friemel, 9.45, 28; 9. Dan Taylor, 9.45, 29 1/4; and 10. Dan Kaestner, 9.25, 27 3/4.

Junior Division

1. Fisher LaRue, 13.9 pounds, 31 inches, rainbow, released; 2. Marshall Dillon, 12.50, 30, rainbow, released; 3. Carter Blackburn, 10.80, 28, rainbow, released; and 4. Levi Cook, 9.80, 30, rainbow, released.

Youth A Division

1. Savannah Long, 33 inches, rainbow, released; 2. Gracie Belgarde, 33, rainbow, released; 3. Donnie Houk Jr, 32 1/2, rainbow, released.

Youth B Division

1, Colton Laybourne, 31 1/2 inches, rainbow, released; 2. Dalton Belgarde, 30 3/4, rainbow, released; 3. Owen Belgarde, 29 1/2, rainbow, released.

"Mr. Nick" Prize

Ariana DaVault, 4.45 pound, 24 inch, mackinaw

Frisky Jenny Challenge Winner

Kenny Breeden, 21.50 pound, rainbow, released

Mack of the Day

April 27 — Brad Sturgis, 9.35 pounds

April 28 — Jim Carothers, 16.10 pounds

April 29 — Joedy Friemel, 9.45 pounds

April 30 — James Mullen, 10 pounds

May 1 — Dan Taylor, 9.45 pounds

May 2 — Jim Carothers, 9.40 pounds

May 3 — Brad Sturgis, 16 pounds

May 4 — Paul Kinkead, 19.45 pounds

May 5 — Tim Faiers, 16.55 pounds

German Brown Trout Prize

Daniel Kelly — 6.20 pounds, 25 inches