Mask opponents are in the minority in region

| August 2, 2020 1:00 AM

I just returned from a road trip to the High Sierras in California that took me through five states: Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California.

I want those people who are whining about wearing masks to know that you are in the vast minority. Nearly everyone we encountered on our week-long trip was wearing a mask, even outside. Most, if not all, businesses are denying entry to those not wearing a mask.

Remember, the mask is primarily for the protection of others from you possibly spreading the COVID-19 germs without you being aware of it, but also serves a secondary purpose of helping to reduce the possibility of you contracting COVID-19.

Get over your anger about wearing the mask and think of it as your way of telling others that you care about their health and welfare. We will all thank you for it. Let others know you care. Wear the mask.