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Giving thanks for natural time

I am thankful to have wild places to wander in and find the time. The natural time. In Wilderness, time flows fr...

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PHD guidelines will help keep schools, businesses open

Please recommend we follow PHD's guidelines and do all in our power to keep it that way. In doing so we will be able to keep schools and businesses open.

Updated 1 day, 3 hours ago
Don't throw the bathwater out with the baby

When I first read of your agenda item to defund Panhandle Health I thought surely it must just be an opportunity to rant against the mask mandate rather than a serious attempt to defund; I was wrong.

Updated 1 day, 3 hours ago
Proposal would cut county's nose off to spite its face

Defunding PHD is a perfect example of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Updated 1 day, 3 hours ago
Rather than defund PHD, we should give them more funds

As COVID-19 "survivors" my husband and I oppose Commissioner Bradshaw's proposal to defund the Panhandle Health District and we support the PHDs mask mandate.

Updated 1 day, 3 hours ago
Lack of mask enforcement sending shopper elsewhere

Personally, I have very little direct influence over these individuals. I can, however choose to boycott the stores/establishments breaking Idaho Code 56-1003(7)(C) by failing to follow the PHD directive.

Updated 1 day, 3 hours ago
Mandate is an act of compassion, selflessness

I take issue with Steven Bradshaw, Bonner County commissioner, after his recent diatribe against a public mask mandate by the Panhandle Health Department, in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Updated 1 day, 3 hours ago
Health district's list of services long, varied

We, Bonner County residents and business owners, need PHD's services and expertise.

Updated 3 days, 3 hours ago
Inslee needs to focus on Washington, not Idaho

How about you look to your own community, Governor Inslee, before you start preaching to others?

Updated 3 days, 3 hours ago
Compassion would go a long way toward building community

The vast majority of the medical community agrees the evidence shows that masks can make a positive difference in the spread of COVID-19.

Updated 3 days, 3 hours ago
Is commissioner aware of PHD's many, varied programs?

Just read in the paper that Steve Bradshaw wants to cut Bonner County's share of the funding for Panhandle Health District to $1.

Updated 3 days, 3 hours ago
We owe behind-the-scenes workers, businesses our thanks

But I would like to give an additional thank you to those behind the scenes. Those who do so much, and never seem to get the recognition they deserve.

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Where’s the snow in the Kingdom of Slumber?

Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Slumber, the king issued a decree: "It has snowed four feet. Life is risky."

Updated 3 days, 3 hours ago
Don't endanger patients to show off power

As a health care professional for nearly 40 years, I can attest to the fact that a paper surgical mask does nothing to impede your breathing.

Updated 3 days, 3 hours ago
Disband selfish behavior for community's general welfare

We’re all in this together and sometimes we need to disband selfish behavior to provide for the general welfare of our community.

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Counter resolution to mask mandate proposed

Anyone who is so inconvenienced by wearing a face mask for the safety of the public should be agreeable to signing a document that they refuse medical treatment in the event that they contract COVID-19.