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Advancing Idaho's nuclear energy

Idaho is home to the world-leading Idaho National Laboratory (INL), a facility responsible for promoting internati…

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Cities, county need to support BTAA

This letter is written in support of the ongoing efforts of Better Together Animal Alliance in taking care of the stray animal problem in Sandpoint and all of Bonner County.

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A liar and a cheat

When I initially saw my name in the paper some weeks ago next to the words liar and cheat, it was an odd sensation. I have never been called either by someone I don’t know and certainly not in a public paper.

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Library act is a slippery slope downward

In Mr. Barnes's letter, he argued the recent library act is good. However, the Oxford Dictionary defines censorship as "the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered ob…

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Support BTAA in managing stray animal population

This letter is in support of the continued efforts of Better Together Animal Alliance in managing the stray animal population in Sandpoint and in greater Bonner County.

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Law about age-appropriate materials, not censorship

Opposition and protests against Idaho’s Library Act Number 710 leave me baffled and wondering if the opposition has actually read the law. Have you?

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Evidence proves there is a climate crisis

For the past 12 months, each month has broken the temperature record of the previous month for the entire planet.

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Why are conservatives threatened by others?

Ms. Fahrig's letter (Daily Bee, July 2) needs a bit of examination.

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World is clearly in throes of climate crisis

The facts no longer leave room for reasonable doubt. The world is clearly in the throes of a burgeoning climate crisis.

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Scott Herndon was beaten by deceit, lies

Liberals who change their party affiliation to Republican don't change back to the Democrat party. Why would they? They can vote Democrat no matter what their "affiliation."

Updated 1 week, 6 days ago
Progress? New dump rules are far from that

I absolutely agree with the letter Wendy Conner wrote about the dump and their new rules. These new rules are ridiculous, to say the least.

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First Amendment allows for freedom of expression

It really puzzles me why some feel so threatened by all us poor old minority progressives and moderates. Haven't they owned state government for a couple of decades now as well as an all-conservative federal delega…

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One of the 278 'party changers'

I am 91, a retired nurse born in North Dakota. I have lived and voted across this great nation. I have not been a member of a tribe or cult.

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Cryptic claims on climate need to be unpacked

Concerning a recent letter in the June 23 Daily Bee; it took a while to make out the cryptic message he was trying to get across. Apparently what he was trying to say was that his statements are 100% correct due to…

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Dates will live in infamy forever

January 6th and July 1st are days that will live in infamy.