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Drive safely; have patience with road crews

The past three months have been a most interesting time in the life of the Bonner County Road Department. Mid-Ma...

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A few thoughts on parades, protests and patriotism

Seeing the picture of all those upstanding citizens with assault rifles and assorted firearms, especially the one with the sunglasses, protecting all those poor vulnerable misguided young demonstrators just warms...

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Fault-filled coronavirus models needs to be discarded

Many states assume that anyone with a positive coronavirus test has died from the disease, no matter what their actual cause of death. As the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health explained in Apri...

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A warning bell helps keep walkers, bikers safe

I was visiting from Lewiston recently and was lucky to discover your wonderful walking and biking trails.

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This Independence Day, let’s unite for a thriving future for all of Idaho

The celebration of Independence Day this year will be unlike any other.

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The novel coronavirus and jumping the wave

Now that we have become numbed by the repeated dribbling of a COVID-19 case here, a COVID-19 case there, it would be wise to have a deeper insight into who was afflicted and where the cases have occurred. If ther...

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Memorial Day honors those who died in service to their country

November 11 is the day veterans of military service, living or dead, are honored. Memorial Day, May 24, this year is the day that is sacred to the memory of those men and women who died while serving their country.

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Fourth of July celebration puts all of citizens at risk

I’m appalled at the lack of adherence to health official and Gov. Brad Little’s guidelines to the COVID-19 crisis we are in. I see little social distancing and certainly very few wearing masks. Since moving into ...

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Please remember Jeanetta when talking about police reform

Citizens of our country have stood up and opened the conversation about police reform. Although North Idaho is not very diverse, racial profiling by the police exists here as well. We, here in Sandpoint, have wit...

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To borrow from 1960s’ chant: Make peace, not war

Following Spokane’s peaceful Black Lives Matter protest, the Nike store was looted by some young individuals. It’s believed by many marchers that it was a set-up to reflect poorly on them. Next day, Coeur d’Alene...

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All of the sudden, social distancing doesn’t seem so bad

Was starting to feel plum non-essential, when after two months of not getting any, received a robocall call. Now social distancing doesn’t nearly so far.

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If you are Christian, you must fight against racism

I am a prolife Christian. Some people argue about black lives versus blue lives as if they are not one and the same.

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Walleye are not the problem in Lake Pend Oreille

Do not believe the lie that Idaho Fish and Game is telling you about Lake Pend Oreille kokanee and predatory fish. The “boom” in kokanee has nothing to do with predator suppression and everything to do with overs...

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A few thoughts on the Fourth of July events, headline

“Fourth festivities locked, loaded” read the headline in Sunday’s paper. Our nation is in crisis and the Daily Bee promulgates derisive language on the front page. I would think a better headline would have read ...

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No headline

My dad, a late 1920s campus celebrity at USC and an up-and-coming L.A. business leader until he became an alcoholic and died at age 46, didn’t much care for Blacks, Latinos, Asians or anyone else who didn’t look ...