Elected saboteurs seem intent on bankrupting Sandpoint

| August 6, 2020 1:00 AM

Bonner County, with the endorsement of two commissioners, is suing Sandpoint because the Festival at Sandpoint, which rents Memorial Field from the city, doesn’t allow guns into concerts. Two private individuals wanting to carry guns into shows are also suing so far costing $116,000 in legal fees. Bonner County taxpayers’ dollars funding the lawsuits are being flushed down the toilet.

Guns at concerts will cause many people not to buy tickets, dinner, shop or use hotels. Most musicians won’t perform knowing the audience has guns. Worse-case scenario: How will the police know who is the bad guy if guns become visible at a performance during a disturbance? Guns at concerts will kill the Festival.

The recent invasion of Sandpoint by gun-carrying “vigilante type,” people recruited by Commissioner Dan McDonald, supposedly to protect Sandpoint from “antifa,” was actually about 45 kids and parents exercising their right to peacefully demonstrate that Black Lives Matter.

Attention Sandpoint business owners, the lawsuits and BLM intimidation are damaging to your economy. Also, Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler supports the “militia type” base of McDonald’s who showed up; looks like neither of them have confidence in Sandpoint’s police. These incidents frighten people and intimidate us from attending the Festival or legally demonstrating in Sandpoint in the future.

Commissioner McDonald refused to collaborate with towns in Bonner County to share information about topics like fires, disasters, emergency response, etc. labeling county wide cooperation as socialism. He called his “base,” and a bunch of untrained, unidentified people arrived with guns centered upon a fact-less rumor that he spread saying antifa was infiltrating Sandpoint’s BLM demonstration. Mounting evidence shows this may have been illegal. Elected officials are sworn to obey the law and should contribute to community economic/social health. Sandpoint, you have several elected saboteurs who seem to be intent on bankrupting you.


Priest River