Southside teacher: ‘My quiet classroom’

| March 24, 2020 1:00 AM

The view from my desk is quite different from what it was only a few days ago. On Monday, March 16, my classroom was full of students. Today, Wednesday, March 18, the desks are empty and my room is quiet and clean. I am still coming to work, but my students are absent. I understand the reason for the change, but I miss my kids and the sense of camaraderie we have worked so hard to build this year in our fourth grade classroom.

I miss their questions that make me think, their energy that makes me smile and their personalities that remind me of how unique they are. I miss the day in and day out interactions that take place between teacher and students.

I am still a teacher, but my duties are different now. Though I still listen to my parent’s concerns about their child, it’s over the phone or through a message on ClassDojo.

My students are still learning, but by way of internet links and the work packets I sent home. Instead of face to face interaction and listening to their stories of how hard they worked on their homework, I make an appointment to talk with them on the phone. I want to hear them tell me how they are doing with their assignments.

I am still a teacher and I still come to work, but things are different in the building. I have more time to collaborate with other teachers, disinfect Chromebooks properly, and read all those emails that keep me updated on everything that is occurring.

But, I prefer my old routine, that of face to face interconnection with my noisy, messy, and happy kids who are astounded when they finally understand how to multiply fractions.

I can’t wait until they come back!


Southside Elementary

Fourth grade teacher