It’s how we treat others that defines who we are

| March 26, 2020 1:00 AM

While visiting our children in Nevada recently we were caught up in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak and the shutdown of many businesses.

Durning that time, I went out to purchase a gallon of milk and was appalled by what I experienced at the grocery store.

People purchasing as much toilet paper, hand sanitizers, water, etc. as the could carry with zero consideration of others. I said to my wife how happy I was to live where we do where people are far more thoughtful of their neighbors and others in the community.

I was wrong.

On our way home we stopped in town to pick up a quart of milk and saw the same thing we’d seen in Nevada, selfish, inconsiderate people who think of no one other than themselves.

I hope those people read this and are ashamed of their lack of concern for anyone but themselves, especially in times like we’re experiencing now.

Let’s think about our neighbors, it’s what defines who we are.