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| May 15, 2020 1:00 AM

Market crippling members’ ability to survive shut own.

Farmers’ Market Sandpoint is crippling their member’s ability to survive this virus shut down.

Many small businesses have suffered in this shut down but the very people who should have a heightened awareness of contribution by small businesses, are going to extremes to add to their suffering.

Even though Governor Brad Little has now allowed non-essential businesses to open, customers will most likely be disappointed this summer to no longer find the small business owners of hand-made crafts and foods items in the fresh outdoor air of Farmin Park. And it seems this decision to cripple these small businesses was made by a few of its members, in private, without the bulk of market membership. No such motto of “Our Members Are Our Management” is being followed.

These craft and food vendors often have no other way to sell their wares than at the Farmers’ Market. And it makes one wonder why the decision to eliminate that part of market was made. Of course there’s social distancing but we are all aware of lager indoor, recirculated air, businesses not going to these crippling extremes.

Plus, keep in mind other local Farmers Markets in the area are not so extreme. Farmers’ Markets outside Sandpoint are opening as usual or just later. All without eliminating crafts and food vendors. Go to National Farmers Market Directory to find those other markets.

I make wooden kitchen utensils and have been a Sandpoint Farmers’ Market member for two-thirds of its existence.