Legals for October, 6 2020

| October 6, 2020 12:00 AM

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Bonner County Commissioners will hold a public hearing at 1:30 pm on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 in the 3rd Floor BOCC Meeting Room, Suite 338 of the Bonner County Administration Building, 1500 Highway 2, Sandpoint, Idaho, and by Zoom teleconference and YouTube Livestream to consider the following request: File V0013-20 - Side Yard Setback & Shoreline Exceptions Variance - John & Patricia Wane are requesting a 2' 8" side yard setback, where 5' is required, a walkway width variance, a 6' 2" retaining wall height variance, where 36 inches is maximum, and an impervious surface variance. The property is zoned Forest 40. The project is located off Cape Horn Road in Section 33, Township 61 North, Range 4 West, Boise-Meridian. On August 20, 2020, the Planning & Zoning Commission denied this project. On September 18, 2020 the Planning Department received a letter of appeal requesting this file be sent to the Board or County Commissioners to be heard de novo. (See Reverse for Map) ** Written statements must be submitted to the planning department record no later than seven (7) days prior to the public hearing. Written statements not exceeding one standard letter sized, single spaced page may be submitted at the public hearing. Comments can be sent to the Bonner County Planning Department at 1500 Highway 2, Suite 208, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864; faxed to (208) 265-1463 or e-mailed to planning@bonnercountyid.govAdditional information is available at the planning department. Staff reports are available at the planning department or may be viewed at 7 days prior to the scheduled hearing. During the hearing for this application, the public will be given an opportunity to provide testimony and/or evidence regarding how the proposal does or does not comply with the applicable approval criteria of the Bonner County Revised Code. At the close of the public hearing, the Board of County Commissioners will make a decision on the application that may include, but is not limited to, approval, denial, remand, or continuance of the public hearing. If interested in participating, please visit our website for details at: Please be advised the referenced start time stated above reflects the beginning of the hearings. File start times and hearing durations will vary. Any person needing special accommodations to participate in the public hearing should contact the Bonner County Planning Department at (208) 265-1458 at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled hearing. I hereby certify that a true and correct copy of the foregoing "Notice of Public Hearing" was mailed (postage prepaid) on this 6th day of October, 2020. /s/ Elizabeth Jensen, Administrative Assistant III This notice was mailed to property owners within 300 feet of the subject parcel, and the media, on Tuesday, October 6, 2020. SNP LEGAL 8124 AD#411200 OCTOBER 6, 2020

NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF BONNER HOPKINS US FUND, LLC, an Idaho Limited Liability Company, Plaintiff, vs. JOHN F. CHURCHILL and SALLY A. CHURCHILL, husband and wife; and DOES I through XX, unknown claimants to the property commonly known as 466 Camp Bay Road, Sagle, Idaho, Defendants. Case No. CV09-20-0803 Sheriff's Case No. C20-987 Date of Sale: October 27, 2020 Time of Sale: 10:00 a.m. Place of Sale: Bonner County Sheriff's Office 4001 N Boyer Rd Sandpoint, ID 83864 NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE Under and by virtue of a Writ of Execution issued out of the District Court of the First Judicial District of the State of Idaho, in and for the County of Bonner, Case No. CV09-20-0803, upon the 15th day of September, 2020, wherein Hopkins US Fund, LLC, Plaintiff, obtained a Judgment, Order of Sale and Decree of Foreclosure against John F. Churchill and Sally A. Churchill, Defendants, and Defendants John F. Churchill and Sally A. Churchill are indebted to the Plaintiff in the sum of $435,184.78, with interest at the legal rate of 5.25% from the entry of Judgment, and that Defendants John F. Churchill and Sally A. Churchill shall be barred and foreclosed from all right, title, and interest in and to the below described property; NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That on the 27th day of October, 2020, at the hour of 10:00 o'clock a.m. of said day, at the Bonner County Sheriff's Office, 4001 N. Boyer Road, Sandpoint, County of Bonner, State of Idaho, I will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, for cash or certified funds in lawful money of the United States of America, all of the right, title and interest of said Defendants John F. Churchill and Sally A. Churchill, in and to the following described real property, to satisfy the Plaintiff's Judgment, with costs. Said real property is particularly described as follows: Parcel 1 A tract of land in a portion of the South Half of the Northwest Quarter (S1/2NW1/4) of Section 11, Township 56 North, Range 1 West, Boise Meridian, Bonner County, Idaho, more particularly described as follows: Commencing at the Northeast corner of said S1/2NW1/4, the Center North 1/16th Corner; thence South 89°58'05" West along the North line of that parcel described in Instrument Number 849860 in the records of Bonner County, a distance of 1320.00 feet to the TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING; thence continuing South 89°58'05" West a distance of 345.60 feet; thence South 00°01'55" East a distance of 453.75 feet; thence North 89°58'05" East a distance of 345.60 feet to the Southwest corner of said Instrument Number 849860; thence North 00°01'55" West along the West line of said Instrument Number 849860, a distance of 453.75 feet to the True Point of Beginning. Parcel 2 A tract of land in the West Half of the Northeast Quarter (W1/2NE1/4) of Section 11, Township 56 North, Range 1 West, Boise Meridian, Bonner County Idaho, more specifically described as follows: Beginning at the Northwest Corner of said W1/2NE1/4, which point is the 1/4 Corner common to Sections 2 & 11 (an original stone); thence along the North line of said Section 11, South 89°58'30" East a distance of 359.45 feet; thence leaving said North Line, South 00°09'29" East along the West line of the parcel described by Instrument No. 884570 in the records of Bonner County a distance of 1328.86 feet (1329.06 feet by field survey); thence North 89°29'40" West a distance of 372.10 feet to the center North 1/16th Corner; thence North 00°23'14" East a distance of 1325.38 feet to the Point of Beginning. AND The North Half of the Northwest Quarter (N1/2NW1/4) of Section 11, Township 56 North, Range 1 West, Boise Meridian, Bonner County, Idaho. LESS the West 506.30 feet thereof. The above-described property is commonly known as 466 Camp Bay Road, Sagle, Idaho. You are also notified that this parcel consists of more than twenty (20) acres and that Defendants John F. Churchill and Sally A. Churchill and/or any junior lienholder may have the right to redeem the property sold hereunder for a period of one year in accordance with Idaho Code §11-401 et seq. DATED This 28th day of September, 2020. DARYL WHEELER Sheriff of Bonner County By:/S/ Lacey D Rasor Civil Clerk SNP LEGAL 8115 AD#410808 OCTOBER 6, 13, 20, 2020

ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed bids will be received by the City Clerk, City of Sandpoint, at City Hall, 1123 Lake Street in Sandpoint, Idaho 83864, until 2:00 p.m. local time on Thursday, October 15, 2020 for War Memorial Field Improvements Phase IIA, Spring Facilities. The project can be summarized to include new baseball dugouts, concrete retaining wall, concrete flatwork, fencing and related improvements at War Memorial Field in Sandpoint, Idaho. The work is generally described as follows: clearing and grubbing, grading, cast-in-place concrete, fencing, dugouts, and other features. One Bid Alternate is included in the Bidding Documents. Proposals will be opened and publicly read at the above hour and date. Plans, specifications, forms and other information are on file for examination at the following locations: 1. City of Sandpoint website: 2. Spokane Regional Plan Center, 209 N Havana St. (PO Box 2968) Spokane, WA 99202 3. Inland Northwest AGC, Abadan Online Planroom: 4. Builders Exchange of Washington, Inc. On-Line Plan Center: There will not be a Pre-Bid Conference for this project. A bid bond in the amount of 5% of the total bid amount, including any additive alternates, is required. A Public Works Contractor License for the State of Idaho is required to bid this work. Disadvantaged Business Enterprises are encouraged to submit bids. Estimated Cost: $250,000 - $500,000. Amanda Wilson, Infrastructure & Development Services Manager SNP LEGAL 8108 AD#409556 SEPTEMBER 29, OCTOBER 6, 2020

NOTICE OF APPLICATION Pursuant to Section 58-104(g) and 58-1301, et seq., Idaho Code (The Lake Protection Act) and rules of the State Board of Land Commissioners, notice is hereby given that Gregory & Debra Wilson have made application to install rip-rap located at, Section 9 61N-4W on Priest Lake, ID, in Bonner County. Written objections to or requests for hearing in this matter must be on file with the Idaho Department of Lands, 4053 Cavanaugh Bay Rd, Coolin, Idaho 83821 within thirty (30) days after the first appearance of this notice. Specific information regarding this application may be obtained from Trevor Anderson, Resource Specialist on behalf of Navigable Waters Program - at the above address or by calling (208) 443-2516. /S/Dan Brown, Area Manager Idaho Department of Lands SNP LEGAL 8125 AD#411246 OCTOBER 6, 13, 2020

N O T I C E O F L E T T I N G Idaho Federal Aid Project No. A019(248), in Bonner County, Key No. 19248; for the work of bridge preservation and preventative maintenance to the existing US 95 vehicular and pedestrian bridges over Pend O'Reille, MP 471.743 to MP 472.862. Sealed proposals will be received only at the office of the IDAHO TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT, 3311 WEST STATE STREET, BOISE, IDAHO 83703, ATTN: ADVERTISEMENT AND AWARD. Bids may also be submitted electronically through Bid Express ( All bids must be received by two o'clock p.m., on October 20, 2020. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT: RESIDENT ENGINEER JUSTIN WUEST at (208) 772-1253 for any design related questions. Digital copies of the Plans, Proposals, and Specifications must be downloaded for a fee of $15.00. Bidders must appear on the plan holders list for their proposal to be accepted by the Department. Please contact at 952-233-1632 or for assistance in downloading and working with this digital project information. General Bidding information and Specifications may be obtained from the Idaho Transportation Department website at In an effort to achieve ITD's DBE Annual Participation Goal (APG) of 8.3% utilization, ITD requires responder to utilize certified subcontractors and suppliers listed on its DBE Directory located at: For this project, it has been determined that there is a DBE availability of 1.0% or more. For more information regarding ITD's DBE Program please go to This contract requires full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which protects persons from being denied the benefits of or excluded from participation in programs or activities; or subjected to discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, Limited English Proficiency or economic status. The Contractor is encouraged to utilize the goods and services of disadvantaged firms in accomplishing the tasks or providing the services of this agreement, and to provide equal opportunity to all sub-bidders and suppliers. SNP LEGAL 8088 AD#407792 SEPTEMBER 29, OCTOBER 6, 2020