Bullpups hold time trial; Waters, Burnett lead the way

| October 15, 2020 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — The Sandpoint Middle School cross country team held a 1.5-mile time trial on Thursday, Oct. 8 at Travers Park.

The Bullpups had a meet at Post Falls canceled last week, so the squad decided to hold a timed event of their own.

Reese Burnett (first) and Silvi Landrum (second) led the way for the girls, finishing within four seconds of each other and pushing to achieve sub 11 minute times. Not far behind was a pack of four runners that looked strong running together. Mackenzie Mitchell (third), Hannah Stiller (fourth), Noah Roark (fifth) and Piper Roark (sixth) were all within seven seconds of each other.

Maddison Hall, Izzy Davidson, Emma Darrin and Grace Gavin all competed hard for the seventh spot.

Callahan Waters led the boys finishing just under nine minutes. The boys had two strong packs that will look to do some damage at the next meet for the Bullpups. Fletcher Barrett (second), Tyler Engelson (third), and Taylor Roche (fourth) were within six seconds of each other.

The next pack consisting of Aaron Betz (fifth), Lane Gavin (sixth), and Kai Longanecker (seventh) was just like the first pack, finishing just six seconds apart. These two packs will be key to the boys success in the two remaining meets.

The next two meets will split the runners, with the top seven on the boys and girls side competing in separate races from the rest of the team.



1, Callahan Waters, 8:57. 2, Fletcher Barrett, 9:33, 3, Tyler Engelson, 9:36. 4, Taylor Roche, 9:39. 5, Aaron Betz, 10:02, 6, Lane Gavin, 10:06. 7, Kai Longanecker, 10:08. 8, Travis Morgan, 10:30. 9, Braelyn Tallent, 10:33. 10, Kale Wright, 11:31. 11, Evan Brubaker, 11:42. 12, Oliver Porietis, 11:45. 13, Porter Nelson, 11:47. 14, Joaquin Laboy, 13:21. 15, Rafael Laboy, 13:35.


1, Reese Burnett, 10:47. 2, Silvi Landrum, 10:51. 3, Mackenzie Mitchell, 11:08.23. 4, Hannah Stiller, 11:08.74. 5, Noah Roark, 11:13. 6, Piper Roark, 11:15. 7, Maddison Hall, 11:33. 8, Izzy Davidson, 11:39. 9, Emma Darrin, 11:40. 10, Gracie Gavin, 12:07. 11, Taylor Hines, 12:20. 12, Alyssa Fite, 12:21. 13, Hannah Fisher, 12:23. 14, Maicy Wittmann, 13:50. 15, Mallory Pierce, 13:51. 16, Hannah Ricks, 13:52. 17, Emily Brazill, 16:15. 18, Isabelle Bostock, 16:17.