Thoughts on politics, presidents and patriotism

| September 15, 2020 1:00 AM

The letter by Mr, Keil was so laughable even pathetic that it isn't worthy of my time to offer a tit for tat response. Let's just say that he and his guru, our so-called president, the Russian double agent are so bankrupt of logical positions that they resort to intimidation, so mis-read and misstate history and facts to dovetail with their own personal views as to become the real danger to this country.

I suppose Mr. Keil agrees with what Trump likely said, that his father and mine are losers and suckers for dying or fighting for their country?

Also, I see Ms. Wallis in the Sept. 13 issue drank from the "Russian" glass of Kool-Aid in her support for the liar and moron in chief. Not a word she wrote has any basis in fact. Of course, what could you expect from her hero, Der-Furor? Check the facts for yourself.