Monday, April 12, 2021

To heal, those responsible for riot must be held accountable

| February 25, 2021 1:00 AM

Unless you’ve been off-world, you most likely have seen photos of Jan. 6, the day that radicalized extremists stormed the Capitol building. Along with damning videos, you can hear the chants “Hang Pence” and “Get Pelosi.”

You may have been shocked to witness, along with millions of others around the world to see police officers beaten while defending the Capitol. Homegrown terrorists beat one officer to death, while 140 officers were injured during the insurrection. These officers whose calls for assistance were ignored, were not simply trying to keep the building from being trashed or vandalized, they, too, heard the shouts of “Hang Pence” and “Get Pelosi,” they were attempting to protect lives.

You can see the Capitol Police being overrun, crying out in pain, and in one case pleading, “I have children.” No matter what kind of spin you’d like to put on this sad day in America, Trump is guilty of inciting this misguided coup. He’s been dividing the country since his campaign for president, with hate speech and calls to beat protestors during rallies, and refusing to call out white supremacy. Trump Jr. is guilty along with Giuliani, Cruz, Hawley, and a long list of Republicans whose lust for control, power, and money out way any sense of moral decency.

All those falsely claiming that the election was stolen are responsible for inciting easily misguided, ill-informed Americans.  Fox News to Newsmax and other far-right media. They all have some culpability for officer Brian Sicknick being beaten to death.

Many are calling for unity now that Democrats are in power. Unity is what we should all strive for, however, there cannot be unity without healing. To begin healing from the past four years of abuse, those responsible need to be held accountable for their unconscionable actions.