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Local author releases book just in time for new year

Staff Writer | January 1, 2021 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — Local author and self-help coach Lindy Lewis recently debuted her third and final book in its series, “The Alpha Alchemy: Grounding Your Grace.”

Lewis said she originally started writing the books over a decade ago, after personal struggles including a multiple sclerosis diagnosis while raising her children made her re-evaluate her mindset and priorities.

As someone who spent most of her life working a corporate job, Lewis said that as a driven, type-A personality, she had to learn how to slow down after stress and fatigue became overwhelming.

Her three books, “The Alpha Alchemy: Grounded in Grace,” “Grace as an Alpha-holic” and her most recent book “Lindy: Recovering Alpha Female: Inspiring Grace and Self Acceptance in the Mind and Body,” are based on her own “ah-ha” moments throughout the years, she said.

“I had to learn to kind of learn how to unfold,” she said. “I sort of write about my journey and coming from a place of grace instead of force and push.”

Cody Baldree, who’s been helping Lewis publicize and market her books, said she first met Lewis a little over a year ago and read her books shortly thereafter. As someone who also considers herself highly driven and type-A, she said she connected a lot with Lewis’s message strongly and found herself learning a lot about herself as she read.

“I relate to Lindy,” Baldree said. “I see myself kind of as a younger version of her.”

All of Lewis’s books have themes of grace, both for oneself and others, Baldree said.

The idea that it’s OK to do nothing and sit still is also a major component of her books, Lewis said, as is finding meaning and self-worth outside of jobs or other successes.

“We’re used to being defined externally,” Lewis said. “When we have to go inside, it’s so much harder to find that deep sense of value.”

Now, Lewis said, she focuses more on progress instead of perfection.

Emerald Dumas, a graphic designer, said she found the stories in Lewis’s books inspirational and powerful.

“It's a quick read, but every chapter is worth its weight in gold,” Dumas wrote in an email to the Bee. “Even if you think you have everything in control and your life is great, it's still worth reading because it helps you define priorities and introspect.”

In the future, Baldree said, there will also be an audiobook made available.

“We’re just looking at publishing that,” she said. “I’m excited to see it all come to fruition.”

Coming into the new year, Lewis said she think a lot of people may be able to benefit from some of the lessons she’s learned — especially given how challenging the past year has been for many people.

“I think there’s a lot of people trying to reinvent right now,” Lewis said.

All three of Lewis’s books are available for purchase in hard copy or Kindle on, and a limited full-color series is available in person at Grace & Joy in Sandpoint, and Authentic Botanicals in Coeur d’Alene.

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