Monday, April 12, 2021

Kootenai has busy year ahead

by NANCY LEWIS Contributing Writer
| March 31, 2021 1:00 AM

It has been a busy year in the city of Kootenai. Among the big news:

ADA swing - the city is working on getting financial assistance to put in an ADA swing at the city’s park this summer. So excited as Mountain View Bank has donated $4,000 toward the total cost of $7,995 for the swing. HMH Engineering has volunteered to place the swing with a walkway to it!

Annual Easter egg hunt – The city was unable to have its annual Easter Egg Hunt last year, but is planning on having it this year; April 3, beginning at 11 a.m.

Spring cleanup – The city will offer a dumpster again this year that residents can use to rid their property of yard debris – weeds, trimmings, etc.

The city was honored to be awarded with two State Grants.

The 2019 Local Children Pedestrian Safety Program awarded the City $140,000. The Sprague Street Sidewalk project was completed and is well received.

The 2019 Local Strategic Initiatives Program awarded the City $240,000. The McGhee Road project was completed in September.

The city has applied for a Transportation Alternatives Program that will be used for pedestrian pathway along the north side of Highway 200 beginning at Seven Sisters Drive to East Railroad Avenue at Main Street. This will provide a safe route to the Kootenai Elementary School. We are always in search of creative ways to provide connectivity within our city.

The city is working on updating its Comprehensive Plan.

The city worked with Bonner County and Independent Highway District to do an overlay on North Main Street and there were enough funds to put in a new asphalt pathway along a well-traveled trail along the street.

The city hopes to complete the undeveloped portion of Second Avenue from Boise Street to McGhee Road which will improve a route to and from Kootenai Elementary School.

The Kootenai Elementary School now has a school resource officer.

The city has entered a contract with Sandpoint Police Department. We have found this to be a great working relationship between the two cities. Law enforcement is working on rerouting school student pick-up to lessen traffic congestion off Highway 200.

The city is looking at improvements to its City Hall. Due to COVID, the city now has good conferencing and video equipment to enable its residents to attend meetings virtually.

Generally keeping up with the city’s motto “City of Kootenai where families grow.” The new 2020 Census may show an increase of population from 739 to approximately 1,200.

Mayor Lewis is very active with the Bonner County Transportation Team, SPOT and keeping current with county changes to their land use regulations.

The city is continuing their efforts to clean up nuisance areas within the city.