Sunday, May 09, 2021

Asche, Flint have necessary qualifications for library board

| May 2, 2021 1:00 AM

We are a community of well-meaning, beautiful and complicated beings here in Sandpoint.

In many places, as here, the local public library is the embodiment of community. It is a repository for shared knowledge of all kinds and all are welcome. It helps to nurture, teach and entertain our kids with crafts and story time. It tutors our kids and helps the not-so-tech-savy among us to use basic computer programs. It is humans helping humans to be better humans. Please consider all our wonderful public library does and resist the urge to weaponize its board for political gain.

There are 2 seats up for election on May 18. Ms. Asche is an incumbent trustee with 40 years experience and a Masters in library science. Amy Flint, also an incumbent has served our community on Angels Over Sandpoint, Head Start and an NIC English professor. The challengers are far less qualified. One's primary concern is “keeping the focus of the library and its functions on a love for our country and morality.” Nice sentiments, but not really primary functions of the library. The other states she wants to combat cancel culture.

Well, I frequent the library about as often as the grocery store and can tell you that there are ample books on offer for all political, religious and entertainment interests – as it should be. Let’s be real. Two of these folks care about a thriving library and community, the others are detrimental to both.