Sunday, May 09, 2021

Vote for Berreth, Glass or Peters for POHD board

| May 2, 2021 1:00 AM

I’d like to offer the Life-time Achievement Award to the servant of the Pend Oreille Hospital District, POHD. His service on both the POHD Board of Trustees, which currently provides annually more than $1.2 million of tax revenue to BGH Inc., as he simultaneously, for 30 years, served on the BGH Inc. Board of Directors that receives the same $1.2 million, is an accomplishment, to say the least. Most Bonner County taxpayers ask, “isn’t that a conflict of interest?” Without doubt, the chairman has violated the “remote interest” contract requirements of Idaho Code in pursuit of the entire POHD public subsidy to the privately held BGH corporation.

Elections provide the chance to hold public servants accountable, the law is king.

The POHD chairman, the only male candidate in the hospital district race, is responsible for decades of unlawfulness. The 2018 Idaho Attorney General’s legal opinion has cost the POHD $80K (plus or minus in legal fees and reads, “In summary, the district’s funding of Bonner Hospital, in our view, fails to comply with Idaho’s applicable constitutional and statutory provisions.” In the POHD chairman’s mind charitableness toward BGH Inc. super-cedes a fiduciary lawfulness toward taxpayers.

Elections provide the chance to hold public servants accountable, the king is not law.

Only in troubled times are the facts disparaging!

As an elected Republican precinct committeeman and elected POHD trustee, my duty requires promoting appropriate governance, thus I endorse any two of the following POHD candidates: Jessie Peters, Julie Berreth, or “Dodie” Glass.