Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Jalon Peters brings a fresh voice to our library board

| May 4, 2021 1:00 AM

The divisive language coming from a certain organization with regard to the May 18 library and hospital board elections is telling. Using words like “extremist” to describe those of us who live our faiths and care about our constitutional rights is alienating. Further, those who impose mask mandates and then participate in Q-and-As for local organizations mask-less might take a good long look in the hypocrite mirror.

But what’s more telling is that messages like this are a solid indication that our local boards — which have the power to run levies that raise our taxes — are not balanced. They are dominated by group thinkers with little to no diversity of thought.

And that’s why Jalon Peters is running for a seat on the library board. Jalon understands that our area is a hub of diverse thought, and that we have a long history of standing up to those who would trample on our rights.

Jalon will bring your voice to a board that’s lost its way. While turning away those of us who cannot or will not wear masks to utilize services our tax dollars pay for, rhetoric used to describe us flows freely from these same lips, making for a library that’s inclusive of only those who comply with its dictates.

Please vote Jalon Peters on May 18. He will bring balance to an unbalanced library board.