Monday, June 21, 2021

7B Women votes to dissolve group

| May 25, 2021 1:00 AM

It was just over four years ago when a group of women decided to form a nonprofit to enable women in the Sandpoint community to connect, empower one another and join forces to support those in need.

However, members recently decided at the group's annual meeting to dissolve.

Over its four years, 7B Women has raised and donated over $100,000, giving back to other nonprofits who do so much to support women. These nonprofits primarily were Priest River Ministries for Women, Community Cancer Services and Celebrate Life.

Through monthly luncheons with featured speakers, 7B Women educated the community on subjects including self-defense for women, managing women’s health, networking tips and much more.

Their annual clothing drive raised money to help Priest River Ministries Advocates for Women open a local office to support women in crisis, while the annual Boobs ’n' Beer Fun Run and Oktoberfest raised funds to support women battling cancer.

The yearly conference brought speakers from near and far, motivating and inspiring attendees while giving businesses a chance to showcase their products or services through sponsorship booths.

“We are so proud of what we have done over the years and the women we have brought together,” said Board Treasurer Gina Hall. “But the reality is many members of our board are moving onto other things in their professional and personal lives, and our time has become limited.”

The past 15 months has been a challenge for many, and 7B Women is no exception. “We held virtual luncheons and also did what we could to raise money for the nonprofits we had supported in the past, but with COVID it became increasingly difficult,” said 7B Women board president Kim Diercks. “The landscape of fundraising has changed, and it’s time for each of us to reevaluate and reimagine how we fill the needs in our community.”

The group recently held their annual meeting and voted unanimously to dissolve the group, a decision that was not made lightly.

“Some of my closest friends I’ve met in Sandpoint are because of 7B Women,” said vice president Patty Hutchens. “We all have been very blessed.”

The women have worked hard over the last four years and will take their passion and the skills they have gained from this experience and continue to make an impact in their community. “You haven’t heard the last from us,” said board member Alice Sloane.

The board of 7B Women would like to thank all the people and businesses who have supported their causes over the years.

"Individuals and many businesses in our community have gone above and beyond to help us fulfill our mission and impact many lives,” said board member Jenn Markwardt. “And for that, we will be eternally grateful.”