Thursday, September 23, 2021

White Americans' fascination with British monarchy is puzzling

| May 25, 2021 1:00 AM

I don’t get white America’s fascination with and fawning over the British monarchy. Why is there this adulation for a monarchy and a nation that has attempted several times since the American Revolution to bring about the destruction of the United States? Not just by supporting the South during the civil war but also several attempts by the London banks to cause our financial collapse.

The English to this day still consider themselves superior to all other people of the world, including us. They resent the fact they are not and will never again be a super power.

You can bet people of color around the world, and in America, do not have the affection/adulation for the British monarchy that the whites of this country have.

For people of color the British Empire (where the sun never set) was a never ending horror show. It should have been the sun never sets on the British horror show.

Since the British Empire considered people of color to be subhuman and if these people of color were to express admiration of the British monarchy that would be no different than if they expressed admiration for the KKK.

This adulation of and fawning over the British monarchy is simply a symptom of (closet and overt) white supremacy.

By the way, it was because of the London bankers that we have a central bank. They got Woodrow Wilson elected and he gave ‘em what they wanted by creating the Federal Reserve, thereby giving control of America’s money supply to private banks (and perhaps London).