Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tim Simpkins

| October 20, 2021 1:00 AM

Office sought: Priest River Mayor

Occupation: Semi-Retired

  1. I decided to run for mayor because I've been a lifelong citizen of Priest River and been involved in many things within the city. Such as 36 years as a fireman, 8 years as an EMT and a former council member. Bur mostly I felt it was time to give back to the community plus I've has several people ask me if I would run.
  2. The qualifications I would bring to the office is I'm a lifelong resident of Priest River except for the time I was in the military. I have served on several areas in the city like fire chief and EMT. Also spent 11 1/2 years working for a company as a manager in several areas of the store. So I know what it is like to work with several types of people and be able to work out solutions to many problems that might come up.
  3. At this time I can only think of two issues/problems the city faces and that is decent paying jobs and growth. And those go hand in hand because without the one the other won't help.
  4. Solutions to the problem would be starting with growth. I've been asked lots oftime why is it that our neighboring cities keep getting all there different business and we don't. That's a good question. I feel if you take care of the growth problem the other should work out on its own.
  5. One of the first things I would like to do if elected is have a meeting with all the department heads and any employees that want to come and get their input on what they think some of the problems/issues the city is facing. And what they think could possible help correct these problems. And also I will always try to maintain an open door policy.
  6. At this time in my race for mayor I don't feel that there is a problem with exposure for myself because it's still early and I'm just starting to get the word out that I'm running and getting things in line to start but so far the papers and word of mouth have been working out well for me.
  7. The one thing that I'd like to get out to the voters would be please get out and vote. I'd like to see votes for me, yes. But most importantly is just vote because if you don't then the people that get into office may or may not be the ones that you wanted in. so all I can say is vote.
  8. Do I feel the exciting government is going in the right direction … That's a hard one to answer unless you know everything that is in front of them. I do know that once they decide on a project they see it to the end. But of course not necessarily what the people like certain projects that have been completed within the city could have been looked at and maybe done a little different.
  9. The question I feel every candidate should be asked is: Are you here for the people of the community or for person gain for yourself?
  10. First thing I'd like to do is make sure that we keep our wages and benefits competitive to the best of our ability and to treat all employees with respect and listen to their needs.
  11. The lack of housing in our area seems to be on track with places being built but the one problem is the cost of the housing. I know of many families that can't afford the cost of the housing.
  12. What would I like to do to involve the residents in decision making process? I will have an open door to listen to all ideas plus when it comes time for any major projects it is put out to the public for their input.