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William (Billy) Mullaley

| October 20, 2021 1:00 AM

Priest River City Council

Education: College

Occupation: Model manager/drafter

Family: Wife, Patty; sons, Steven and Jason; daughters, Heather, Josie and Holly

  1. didn’t like what was happening, Changes without thought, Picking and choosing who come’s into our city and who doesn’t. I want to try and keep Priest River alive but I don’t want to drown it, or flood it with housing developments when we have no jobs in this area.

  2. I am in a position where I can take time to listen to the people of our city, See what they want for our future. Rushing the process for a larger community can be damaging. I work with teams daily and sometimes lead them. I am counted on at my job to be on top of my game. I feel I can do that here, too.

  3. Growth is one major issue. I don’t believe our city services can withstand the impact that is coming. Structure is needed, we have issues with our water system for years. Adding growth to that will only hurt it until we are able to fix the problem. Community services would be something nice to add to our city. We have a Library which serves city and county. Why cant the city have a business that brings income back into the city and create jobs. I am not sure if we can legally do this, but it would be something to look into.

  4. Manage our growth, and see if we can create a business that can create jobs. Then work on our water and sewer systems.

  5. Take my time to see what has been placed in front of me. Feel my surroundings see who is willing to take a big step and make some changes.

  6. Well for the last 12 years or so most of the council ran unopposed, including the mayor. That has to say something about what is going on. People don't want to get involved cause they are afraid to speak out. Well those that know me know I am not afraid to speak out.

  7. Whether you like me or not, please get out and vote. Get involved with your city, It takes more than just one person to make a difference. I will make a difference.

  8. That is really hard to say because I don't think they know what direction they are going. Some are really trying but hit a road block or a brick wall. We all need to be headed in the same direction.

  9. What is your goal? Mine is to better the city.

  10. We need to make our city attractive, not just for moving here and living here, but to drive in other businesses to come in and set up shop.

  11. Don't know, just straight up don't know.

  12. Send out polls with residents' water bills, try to get them to come to our meetings to give us their input.

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