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Park concepts tweaked after public comments

| October 21, 2021 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT – Two Parks and Recreation master plan concepts have been revised based on recent public feedback.

The Sand Creek Downtown Waterfront concept rendering now includes more green space for additional stormwater improvements behind the Panida Theater, improved access to the waterfront along an extended boardwalk connecting Bridge Street to the Cedar Street Bridge, the Carousel building was relocated from the City Beach concept to the southeast side of Sand Creek, and a placeholder idea to incorporate a seasonal “ice skating boardwalk” has been incorporated.

The City Beach concept rendering now includes more green space incorporated into the parking lot and in the carousel building’s original site. The boardwalk underpass is depicted along the west side of the marina and the connection is now identified on the east side of the Sand Creek Downtown Waterfront concept plan. The splash pad portion of the renovated playground will now be in the Travers Sports Complex, said Stapleton.

She said Travers-Centennial Sports Complex concept rendering will be updated in the weeks to come as the Parks, Rec & Open Space Division kicks off the design of the skatepark improvements, bike park/pump track/skills course design and added court designs.

In announcing the revisions, City Administrator Jennifer Stapleton said those looking at them should keep in mind that they are very loose schematic drawings. As these projects move from dream to reality, the community will be asked to participate in the funding prioritization and refinement of the designs, she said.

The city continues to hold a series of public workshops to meet and discuss the park site concepts and proposed sidewalk projects that could be constructed if voters approve a proposed 7-year 1% local option sales tax to be considered by Sandpoint voters on Nov. 2.

The site plan concepts for City Beach, the Downtown Waterfront and Travers/Centennial/Great Northern Sports Complex were developed as part of the Sandpoint Parks and Recreation Master Plan which was adopted in 2020.

The sidewalk projects are identified as critical connections to schools, parks, the library and senior center in the City’s Pedestrian Priority Network in the adopted 2021 Multimodal Transportation Plan.

Additional public workshops dates have been added, including evening times:

Thursday, Oct. 21 — 5:30-8 p.m., open house workshop, City Hall. Come anytime to learn more about all of the exciting new projects.

Friday, Oct. 22 —12 p.m., City Beach. Meet up with city staff at the Snack Shack.

Week of Oct. 25h — The dates will be announced at the end of this week once weather conditions are known.

Members of the public are encouraged to dress for the weather and wear their walking shoes, said City Administrator Jennifer Stapleton. More workshops will be announced every week during the month of October to inform the final design and phasing of projects, she said.

City staff estimates that the1% sales tax will generate $12.9 million in revenue to support Sandpoint parks projects, purchase property for public open space, parks and recreation and fund sidewalk connectivity and improvements in the city’s pedestrian priority network. Of every dollar raised, $.85 is from a non-city resident, said city staff.

For more information, visit the city’s website www.sandpointidaho.gov.


(Courtesy photo)

The city's new City Beach concept.