Friday, June 24, 2022

Clark Fork Driftyard access site reopens

| April 26, 2022 1:00 AM

The Clark Fork Driftyard access site reopened on April 16.

Idaho Fish and Game began Phase 3 of the Clark Fork Delta Restoration Project in October. During construction, the Clark Fork Driftyard access site was closed to the public the provide safety and security for both the construction workers and the public.

Phase 3 construction is complete. Although camping also opened on April 16, the loop road camping area and the kayak launch ramp will be closed until late summer so Fish and Game staff can put seed down to provide better platforms for campers.

This is also a reminder that there is a three consecutive day camping limit at the Clark Fork Delta driftyard.

The primary objective of Phase 3 was to create breakwaters to reduce shoreline erosion caused by waves and wind. Other objectives were to build islands, bench areas and deeper barrow areas for wildlife and fish habitat and to provide better access and opportunities for sportsmen.

Thousands of willow trees have been planted to help reduce erosion and to provide new wildlife habitat, and more planting will occur this summer.

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