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Spencer Hutchings

| April 30, 2022 1:00 AM

• Profession: Small Business Owner

• Party affiliation: Republican

• Educational background: Some College

• How many years as a Bonner County resident: 9

• Marital status: Married

• Family: One Child

• Hobbies: History, guns, forest management, milling lumber, fixing cars.

• Website: hutchings4idaho.com

  1. Work to eliminate CRT, sexual orientation related and politically motivated education from public schools.

Decrease the size and number of state agencies to align with Section 20 of the Idaho State Constitution.

Liberate Idaho lands from the Federal Government.

  1. Socialist indoctrination of our children in public schools. Socialist robots may make good citizens in a majority rule democracy controlled by power hungry oligarchs like Russia, but they make terrible citizens in a Representative Republic.

Influence and interference from un-elected NGO's and Regional Agencies in the governance of our county.

Unchecked Growth. Any growth should be done in line with the traditional appeal of our area taken into account. If you want a row of cookie cutter houses and corporate fast food joints, live some place else.

  1. The school system is completely broken, it needs a complete reboot.

All NGOs and regional agencies should be removed from all funds, control, and forced to reform as elected offices or direct reports to elected county officials.

Area planning needs to be taken more seriously and the views of the current citizens of the county should take an order of magnitude precedence over the wishes of new residents and developers.

  1. If development is called for, the developers should foot the bill for any new infrastructure or infrastructure upgrades required to support their for profit endeavors.
  2. Which government? County? State? I guess it doesn't really matter, all governments and their associated agencies, departments, boards, commissions, divisions etc. continue to grow at a pace out of proportion to the growth in the citizenry.
  3. The ever expanding size of government and the associated tax burden on citizens. Reduce the size of government.
  4. Candidates running as Republicans that are objectively, in no way, shape or form Republicans and the funding they are receiving from democratic sources.

How can an average citizen make the correct candidate choice in an election if they are not being given the truth? If a candidate conceals their true motivations, than the voters are making choices based on lies. If a candidate can't even tell the truth about their party affiliation, then how can we expect them to tell the truth about anything? The truth matters, be true to yourself and the citizens you seek to represent.

  1. People have the false impression that I am “far right” or “radical” when in reality I am a passionate patriot who strongly believes in bold truth and forthright honesty. I am a person that won't sit idly by and watch the country I fought for be destroyed.
  2. Are you financially supported by the people and associations of party you are claiming to run for?

Yes, all of my funding has come from fellow liberty loving conservatives and conservative associations.

  1. The truth matters. My opponents engage in patriotism for purely political reasons. As a United States Marine I am no better friend to my fellow American loving patriots. I have chosen to engage in politics for purely patriotic reasons.

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