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Travis Thompson

| April 30, 2022 1:00 AM

• Profession: General building contractor

• Party affiliation: Republican

• Educational background: High school and some college

• How many years as a Bonner County resident: 49 years

• Marital status: Single

• Family: Three children

• Hobbies: Donating time to the community

• Website:

  1. Bring honesty back to politics for the district. Without a true understanding of the issues, people who live in the district cannot meaningfully participate in workable solutions and are left at odds with each other for dishonest reasons. I will work to stop the us vs them rhetoric. Politics has become the art of pitting one side against the other in an attempt to mediate the middle. This only benefits the politician and special interests. I will not participate in this type of behavior. The issues listed in Question 2 will also be priorities for me.
  2. A. Housing availability and cost relative to wages.

B. Availability of a work force to fill the available positions.

C. Inflation and supply chain issues.

  1. What are your solutions? (Please be specific)

A. The supply of available housing is way down and housing costs have gone way up. The cost of construction has also increased due to rising material costs and regulatory burden. Idaho needs to be its best customer when it comes to lumber/sheet goods and other building related materials. This can be done through streamlining regulatory requirements and the utilization of the resources on our state and federal controlled lands. I know what it takes to build affordable housing because of my knowledge and experience with my contracting business, I will apply my experience and in-site to work on this problem.

B. We need to continue the effort to improve vocational education in our high schools. I understand the need; my children, close family, and family friends participated in these beneficial programs. I am already involved advocating for these programs and will continue to work towards their success.

C. Inflation is tied to federal monetary policy. We need to streamline regulatory requirements tied to the production, distribution and sale of goods and services. Idaho also needs to be its best customer by utilizing our own resources. Streamlining business regulation can also help create more jobs with better pay. Skilled workers filling those positions at higher wages helps offset inflation. I have been an employer for the past 28 years and I have a very in-depth understanding of what it takes to employ people at the highest possible wage to create a product for the market.

  1. I do not support subsidies. New development needs to pay for the impacts that are directly attributed to it. New development should not be subsidizing anything that it does not impact.
  2. There are parts of the existing government that are working well and other parts that need improvement. I will work to remove the current political trend from the equation which has become about power and control. This trend has little to do with solving issues, but rather it uses issues to generate political capital and resources for political groups. This leaves the public with a clouded understanding of what is truly going on. I have and will continue to work to find ways to improve how the government functions with honesty and integrity. I will not participate in their efforts.
  3. Honesty is the most critical issue in my race. Politics has become a business where politicians and groups raise money to promote the appearance of effectiveness all while not actually passing legislation or making positive changes. The problems or manufactured problems give these politicians and groups reason to exist. These groups then select candidates to funnel moneys into and/or justify the groups existence. I have made it clear and continue to make it clear that I will not participate in this disingenuous approach. I will represent the district with honesty and sound conservative principals.
  4. Local special interest groups and PACs that are controlled by the same people using different names in order to give the appearance that certain politicians have a lot of support. Most of these PACs have ties to out of state groups with dark money. Money is given to one PAC and then funneled to another until it reaches a local group which then makes it almost impossible to trace, it is basically a money laundering scheme. It is important to stop these outside influences because dishonest people are being supported and could possibly be elected if this is not exposed.
  5. I am too nice. Really big aggressive personalities sell videos and clicks on news stories. They are also great for raising campaign funds, but they do not get anything positive accomplished for the district. You can’t force your ideas on other legislators and expect results. I have already had a lot of success advocating for the best interests for our area. It’s all about navigating our legislative system honestly and effectively using conservative principals. All of this can be done by respecting the opinions and efforts of others even if your views do not line up.
  6. What is actually going on in the Idaho Legislature and why hasn’t the district seen more accomplished?

Building relationships wins the day in the Idaho State Legislature. The wrong personality coupled with the right values is not enough to be effective. Lack of effectiveness leads to our district’s voice being weakened. Politics pits the district against the other elected officials serving at the Idaho State Legislature to maintain the current support necessary to win elections. This personality conflict, however, creates an unworkable situation at the legislature. This is why good ideas go nowhere and the district is underrepresented.

  1. I am a lifetime resident who loves this community, and I will serve with honesty and experience. North Idaho is a place we can all be proud to call home and I intend to keep it that way. I will draw my last breath here and I want my remaining years to be peaceful and productive working alongside my fellow North Idahoans. I have spent many years donating time to community related causes and have actively participated in promoting/writing legislation using conservative principals. As you fill out your ballot, please consider me, Travis Thompson for the Idaho House Seat 1A.