Monday, August 15, 2022

Destructive forest fire burning near Priest Lake

by MARYLYN CORK Contributing Writer
| August 3, 2022 1:00 AM

20 Years Ago — 2002

PRLHS new football coach

Larry Lunke has been hired as new football coach at Priest River Lamanna High School, following Richard Zecher, who resigned last winter.

30 Years Ago — 1992

Huck Bay tests smaller plan

A scaled down application of the Huckleberry Bay Co. for two subdivisions on the east shore of Priest Lake was put on hold while the Bonner County Planning and Zoning Board reviews testimony.

40 Years Ago — 1982

Displays spectacular

A spectacular lightning display took place during the rainstorm Monday night. Another heavenly spectacle of a milder variety was reported Friday evening when sky-watchers viewed an aurora borealis.

50 Years Ago — 1972

Warning to parents

Complaints have been received at police headquarters from Burlington Northern officials that children have been using the railroad bridge for a diving platform. Parents are asked to stress to their children the dangers of this practice, and to make it clear that the bridge is private property.

60 Years Ago — 1962

Visits Loggers Celebration

The Wally Byam Caravan of more than 400 travel trailers, stopped at the east end of the Interstate Bridge en route to Banff, Alberta. Some of the parties attended the Loggers Celebration contests Sunday at the recreation park here.

70 Years Ago — 1952

Mayor in magazine

The August issue of Popular Mechanics has a seven-page writeup of the Orofino loggers celebration. One (colored) picture shows Laurence Nelson giving his exhibition of log rolling. The picture is captioned “Even city officials get into the act. The mayor of Priest River shows how to ride a spinning log.”

80 Years Ago — 1942

False alarm

Many in Priest River and vicinity were aroused Monday when the report was brought to town that two carloads of foreigners were seen driving toward Priest Lake. Marshal Robinson notified the FBI in Spokane. The FBI and Robinson drove to the lake and contacted all the resort owners. No trace of the individuals were found.

90 Years Ago — 1932

New lookouts added

Two new lookout stations have been added to the Coolin District, one on the divide between the North Fork and the Middle Fork of East River and the other at the head of Horton Creek. Standard telephone lines have been constructed to both. The positions were financed by splitting two two-man peaks, Hunt Peak and the Experiment Station.

100 Years Ago — 1922

Destructive forest fire burning

A big fire is burning on Big Creek and Fox Creek, a short distance north of the Halfway House on the Priest Lake Road. It was started Monday by a campfire on the Priest Lake Road. One hundred men are fighting it, with more expected from Spokane. The fire has burned over two sections thus far.

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