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Commissioners business meeting goes smoothly after initial concerns

Staff Writer | August 13, 2022 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — Despite concerns over the consent agenda, Bonner County commissioners unanimously approved it at Tuesday’s business meeting.

The concerns stemmed from a minor land division on Woodview Road filed by Norderer Woods East. Two residents expressed concerns about infrastructure demands and road standards. Another resident questioned easement enforcement and access for emergency vehicles.

“Norderer Properties, LLC [should] consider meeting with community resources, representatives to determine if there is some way forward to preserve that parcel for future generations while still meeting financial goals that the Norderers may have,” one resident said.

Next, Bonner County Clerk Mike Rosedale introduced claims and batches 22. The county’s claims and batches came to over $1 million. EMS’s claims and batches came in over $23,000. The motion passed.

Clerk comptroller Nancy Pointham introduced a motion to accept a federal procurement policy, as a non-federal entity that receives federal funding. The policy will direct the handling of all funds that originate from the federal government. The motion passed.

Pointham asked the commissioners to approve the transfer of unused American Rescue Plan funds. Over $800,000 had been allocated to the EMS. They saved the money in the ARPA trust account until needing it to cover maintenance and overtime costs for fiscal year 2022. The motion passed.

Rosedale introduced a request for five additional electronic poll books, which are unconnected to ballots. According to Rosedale, it is the same system that the county already uses for voter identification. The total cost is $5,295, which is already in the clerk’s current budget. The motion passed.

Bonner County Sheriff's Office Lt. Cindy Wright introduced a motion to move $87,000 from the jail’s “A” budget to the jail’s “B” budget. Budget “A” is salaries and budget “B” covers operating expenses. According to Wright, the sheriff’s office has faced extra costs for the jail’s medical supplies, medical bills, food, and fuel. The motion passed.

Next, Bob Howard of Bonner County Emergency Management introduced a memorandum of understanding between Bonner County and the Idaho Department of Lands. The agreement, which concerns the use of a $240,000 grant to handle hazardous fuels treatment for the “South Sagle Phase II” project, was approved.

Howard also introduced a contract with Backwoods Forestry Mulching, LLC to handle hazardous waste. The contract will be paid for by the $240,000 grant from IDL. The motion passed.

Howard also introduced an agreement between the Blanchard Community Center and Bonner County to work together to secure and provide shelter for displaced citizens and management personnel who have been impacted by natural or manmade disasters. The motion passed.

Road and Bridge Director Jason Topp requested permission to purchase $37,070 supplies from Peak Sand and Gravel, Inc. in order to repair Lower Mosquito Creek Road, which washed out this spring. The motion passed.

David Schuck, Airport Department manager, asked to use no more than $10,000 to remove waste left over on property the Sandpoint Airport acquired. The cost of removal is fully reimbursable through the fiscal year 2021 Federal Airport Improvement grant. The motion passed.

Cindy Binkerd of Human Resources asked for approval of a Missouri policy addendum to the Bonner County employee policy manual. One of the county’s tech employees works remotely from Missouri, which prompted the update. The motion passed.

Lastly, Commissioner Jeff Connolly introduced a motion to participate in a legacy forestry program. The project is led by the Idaho Department of Lands and will include over 2,500 acres in Bonner County, with the majority of the acreage in Kootenai County. The motion passed.

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