Sunday, October 02, 2022

Fourth of July parade had a party crasher

| August 14, 2022 1:00 AM

Sandpoint’s recent Fourth of July Parade had a party crasher. It was a man dressed in black and carrying an AR-15 style assault rifle.

Considering what happened in Highland Park, Illinois, our Sandpoint City Council may want to consider making the carrying of assault rifles in and around July 4th parades a crime.

Inserting oneself in the Fourth of July Parade would be the perfect Trojan Horse for a deranged person to commit mass murder.

There will be those who will think/believe that, that which is no longer unthinkable can never happen here. That is exactly what they thought in Highland Park.

Several years ago I visited relatives in Highland Park and I can tell you that at that time it was very similar to Sandpoint of today.

Members of a local vigilante militia group attempted to intimidate the 2020 BLM march on the long bridge and gatherings in downtown Sandpoint. These militia/Navy Seal wannabes claimed that they were there to protect the protesters (yeah right!).

It would be easy for a Trojan Horse to ingratiate himself with our local militia vigilantes. They think alike and have a lot in common.

Unfortunately, our city will not consider acting until the unthinkable happens.



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