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Pair claim fall derby honors

Staff Writer | December 4, 2022 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — It was another awesome Fall Thanksgiving Derby, Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club officials said.

Dan Spinosa finishes the derby as the official winner of the adult rainbow division with a 27.80-pound, 36 3/4 fish. In the adult mackinaw division, Shane O'Hara landed a 19.90-pound, 38-inch mackinaw to claim that division's top spot.

Finishing in second place in the rainbow division was Josh Shelton, who caught a 24.85-pound, 38-inch fish on opening day. Dale Greene, who caught a 21.35-pound, 35 1/2 inch rainbow on Wednesday to claim the third-place spot on the leaderboard. Catching his way onto the leaderboard in the final days was Justin Teegarden, who caught a 17.15-pound, 33-inch rainbow.

Finishing the derby in second place on the mackinaw leaderboard was Jim Carothers, who caught a 11.65-pound, 30 1/2-inch beauty on opening day. Finishing third was John Cosolito, who caught a 11.20-pound, 31-inch fish. Finishing in the fourth- through tenth-place spots were Josh LaRue, Brad Sturgis, Dale Greene, Susan Houk, Becky Sturgis, Jeff Miller, and Fisher LaRue.

In the Junior Dvision, Damian Porter claimed the top spot, catching a 6.65-pound, 26 1/4-inch mackinaw on opening day.

In the Youth A Division, Donnie Houk Jr. took top honors with a 32-inch rainbow. Lyla Shelton finished in second-place, and Lauren Porter finished in third-place.

In the Youth B division, Liam Sturgis was first with a 34 1/2-inch rainbow, followed by Ember Shelton in second.

K&K Derby 2022

Official results

(Friday, Dec. 2, 2022)

Adult rainbow trout

  1. Dan Spinosa, 27.80 pounds, 36 3/4 inches (released); 2. Josh Shelton, 24.85 pounds, 38 inches (released); 3. Dale Greene, 21.35 pounds, 35 1/2 inches (released); 4. Justin Teegarden, 17.15 pounds, 33 inches.

Adult mackinaw division

  1. Shane O'Hara, 19.90 pounds, 38 inches. 2. Jim Carothers, 11.65 pounds, 30 1/2 inches; 3. John Cosolito, 11.20 pounds, 31 inches; 4. Josh LaRue, 7.25 pounds, 31 inches; 5. Brad Sturgis, 5.20 pounds, 25 inches; 6. Dale Greene, 4.90 pounds, 24 inches; 7. Susan Houk, 4.60 pounds, 24 3/4 inches; 8. Becky Sturgis, 4.10 pounds, 24 inches; 9. Jeff Miller, 3.2 pounds, 22 1/2 inches; 10. Fisher LaRue, 3.00 pounds, 21 1/2 inches.

Junior Division

Damian Porter, 6.65 pounds, 26 1/4 inches mackinaw.

Youth A division

Donnie Houk Jr., 32-inch rainbow (released); 2. Lyla Shelton, 30 3/4-inch rainbow (released); 3. Lauren Porter, 27 5/8-inch rainbow (released).

Youth B Division

Liam Sturgis, 34 1/2-inch rainbow (released); 2. Ember Shelton, 34-inch rainbow (released).

mackinaw of the Day

Nov. 19 — Jim Carothers

Nov. 20 — Brad Sturgis

Nov. 21 — Jim Carothers

Nov. 22 — Jim Carothers

Nov. 23 — John Cosolito

Nov. 25 — Shane O'Hara

Nov. 26 — No entry

Nov. 27 — Bert Dennett

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