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'Celebrate Making Do' opens at UI's Sandpoint Organic Agriculture Center

| July 14, 2022 1:00 AM

"Celebrate Making Do" is a collaborative fiber arts exhibit that features the history of how housewives utilized every scrap to make clothes, dolls and quilts. Bits and pieces of fabric, flour sacks, snips of ribbons and repurposed buttons all contributed to the creative housewife’s ability to “make do” when clothing their families in the early 1900s. These fiber artistic talents are being highlighted at a unique exhibit at the Sandpoint Organic Agriculture Center, 10881 N. Boyer Road.

This open house event will be held on consecutive Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., starting on July 16. It is a collaborative effort between the University of Idaho Margaret Ritchie School of Family and Consumer Sciences, SOAC, Bonner County Historical Society and Museum, and Pend Oreille Arts Council with members of the Bosom Buddies Quilting Group in attendance to explain how women used quilting techniques not only in the past, but in present day.

“This exhibit celebrates the meticulous art of creating the essential fabrics of life,” POAC Art Administrator Claire Christy said. “Antique, vintage, and modern-day textiles and furnishings, accompanied by informative descriptions, educate viewers about the history behind each piece. This is an extraordinary exhibit you won’t want to miss.”

“If you haven’t been to the SOAC facility you will be surprised. It is a beautiful building in an idyllic setting. It is located just past the turnoff to Schweitzer Mountain on North Boyer. The gated entrance will be noted with POAC flags”, she added.

For more information go to www.artinsandpoint.org or call the POAC office at 208-263-6139.

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