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Lumber baron makes visit to Priest River

by MARYLYN CORK Contributing Writer
| June 15, 2022 1:00 AM

20 Years Ago — 2002

Spartan Stars named

Tara Karr was named Priest River Lamanna High School’s Spartan Star for April and Tessa Waterman was chosen for May. They had high grades and were active in many school activities and projects.

30 Years Ago — 1992

City gets Gem status

Jim Hawkins of the Idaho Dept. of Commerce will be here Thursday, July 2, to Present the Gem certification on which the community’s been working for over a year. As soon as it’s official, Priest River will be eligible for matching grant funds for economic development, and other perks to aid the economy.

40 Years Ago — 1982

Crazy weather hits Priest Lake

The weather was playing games at Priest Lake Sunday. According to a party of picnickers, the temperature dropped 20 degrees between the lower end of the lake and the Stagger Inn campground at noon, and large hailstones fell interspersed with pelting rain that was as cold as ice.

50 Years Ago — 1972

Cutthroats still in lake

Who says there aren’t any cutthroats left in Priest Lake? I went fishing at Priest Lake with guide Kurt Wagoner and his son Kyle. Kyle landed a cutthroat that I would guess weighed 4 ½ pounds. It was 23 inches long and 5 inches deep. Apparently, it had just spawned as its body was thin. We also landed 10 small dolly varden ranging from 8 to 16 inches. (From Roger Gregory’s sports column).

60 Years Ago — 1962

Lumber baron visits

Mr. And Mrs. John Humbird of Vancouver, B.C., formerly of Priest River, called on Priest River friends Saturday. Mr. Humbird was associated with the Humbird lumber operation in this area many years ago.

70 Years Ago — 1952

Giant trout largest caught

The 40 1/2-pound mackinaw trout caught at Priest Lake and reported in the Priest River Times in the June 5 issue is becoming national news. It seems it was the biggest fresh-water trout caught in the United States this year.

80 Years Ago — 1942

Canning sugar makes the news

Canning sugar will be signed for at the city hall Saturday afternoon from 1 to 6 o’clock and next Friday during the same hours.

90 Years Ago — 1932

Neatening the city

The City Block is being kept in fine shape. The grass is being mowed every few days, which presents a neat appearance. Commissioner Felsman has cut away the grass close to the walk on either side. The trench has been later filled with sand in order that the grass may be kept down. The one thing that might have improved the lot immeasurably would have been the erection of the city hall.

100 Years Ago — 1922

Nordman road “good”

The season opened very promising for camping and fishing at Schneider’s Beach (Kalispell Bay), and pleasure seekers have kept the cabins, camping grounds, boats and Evinrudes quite busy. The improved condition of the Nordman road this year has tended to make this possible. Auto drivers, who are at all used to country roads, pronounce the road as “good.”

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