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Eluding, possession case continues

| May 24, 2022 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — A Clark Fork man is awaiting sentencing in a drawn-out court case involving multiple charges of possession of a controlled substance, eluding law enforcement, and more.

The Aug. 12, 2020, case involving Ryan Allen Denny, 42, began when he led Bonner County Sheriff’s Deputy Garrett Johnson on a vehicular pursuit beginning on Highway 200 near Clark Fork.

Denny was riding a dirt bike that was missing its head and tail lights, blinkers, mirrors, and other equipment essential to making it roadworthy. When Johnson turned on his emergency lights, Denny did not pull over, instead electing to speed up and pass other vehicles in no passing zones.

The chase lasted for two miles on the highway before coming to a stop when Denny turned onto a dirt road near mile marker 57 and lost control shortly afterward. He got off the dirt bike, and, according to court documents, pulled a black object out of his waistband as he jumped into the brush off to the side of the road.

Johnson pulled out his pistol and took shelter behind his vehicle, commanding Denny to show himself. Denny emerged shortly afterwards with both hands up. After commanding Denny lie facedown on the ground, Johnson waited for backup to arrive before apprehending him.

After apprehending Denny, a black pouch containing a small amount of methamphetamine, THC oil, and paraphernalia was found close to where Denny was hiding.

Denny was booked into the Bonner County Jail that day on $20,000 bond for possession of a controlled substance, marijuana, and paraphernalia, destruction of evidence, fleeing a law enforcement officer, and driving without privileges. The next day, with the help of a bondsman, Denny was released from custody.

This is where legal complications in Denny’s case begin. Between Aug. 13, 2020, and May 13, Denny has posted bond seven times. In every instance where Denny has been out of custody, state prosecutors have motioned the court to issue a bench warrant to re-arrest him because he either missed court obligations, or violated his release conditions.

Throughout the 20-month long process, Denny has seen his bond increase to $100,000, including being held without bond on one occasion. Denny has also been surrendered to the court by the bondsman twice. He has been arrested six times.

On Friday, prosecutors motioned the court once again to issue a bench warrant for Denny’s arrest. As of Monday, there are no court documents issuing Denny’s ninth bench warrant.

On May 13, Denny was found guilty by a jury for all three possession charges and destruction of evidence. However, two days earlier on May 11, the state dropped the marijuana possession charge as well as a charge of driving without privileges.

Denny has yet to face the charge of fleeing law enforcement. A jury trial addressing the only remaining charge in this case, scheduled for May 31 has since been vacated. Sentencing is set for July 18.

Denny has 12 previous cases in the Idaho court database for disturbing the peace, possession of a controlled substance, fleeing law enforcement, battery, no contact order violations, and multiple instances of driving without privileges. This is not Denny’s first court case where he has posted bond multiple times.

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