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Lucy Beardmore elected state representative

by MARYLYN CORK Contributing Writer
| November 16, 2022 1:00 AM

20 Years Ago — 2002

Residents for annexation

With standing room only at last Friday’s West Pend Oreille Fire District annexation meeting, the majority of Blue Lake homeowners endorsed annexation, as major insurance companies are canceling their homeowner policies because they do not reside in a fire district.

30 Years Ago — 1992

Balsa bridges destroyed

An exercise demonstrating engineering skills took place at Lamanna High School. Eight members of Norm Stark’s advanced drafting class destroyed little balsa bridges that had taken them four weeks to build. Builders demonstrated the efficiency of their bridges by attaching a five-gallon bucket to each one and loading the buckets up with weights until the bridges gave way. Jacob Weber emerged as winner. His bridge weighed 21 grams and supported 36 pounds, for a 1:71 efficiency rating.

40 Years Ago — 1982

Snowstorm brings accidents

Friday’s snow showers coupled with black ice caused many accidents over the weekend. Mike Sutton of the Idaho State Patrol said 11 cars went off the road in the vicinity of Spirit Lake Hill, including a tow truck.

50 Years Ago — 1972

Sale to benefit toy drive

A rummage sale at the city hall will be held on Saturday, Nov. 18, to raise money to purchase food for the annual Toys for Tots program in Priest River. Anyone wishing to donate items for pickup may call Ruth Treat.

60 Years ago — 1962

Coburn crowned

Highlight of the Homecoming festivities at the high school on Nov. 9 was the crowning of Donna Colburn, freshman candidate. The coronation ceremony was held at the first annual Homecoming dance sponsored by the Lettermen’s Club.

70 Years Ago — 1952

Ferry house to be moved

The engineers’ appraisers originally offered the county $650 for damage to the Laclede Ferry house, where water has been eating away at the banks as the result of the higher level maintained behind Albeni Falls Dam. Commissioners estimated it would cost about $3,000 to relocate the ferry installations. Before the case came to trial, representatives of the engineers offered $3,175, which was accepted.

80 Years Ago — 1942

Hagmans celebrate 50th

Fifty years ago on Nov. 11, Mr. And Mrs. Albert Hagman made their way across the mountains from Newport to Snow Valley, where they have since resided. The trip was made over a pack trail and they had to walk a considerable portion of the way, as their pack horse was loaded with supplies for setting up a new home. Vast changes have taken place in this section of the country since that day. The present location of Priest River was then a dense forest.

90 Years Ago — 1932

Thanksgiving service set

It has been a long time since there has been a community Thanksgiving service. However, one is being arranged for the coming Thanksgiving. The program and service will be Thursday, Nov. 24, at 7:30 p.m. at the Congregational church.

100 Years Ago — 1922

Lucy elected

When the county commissioners canvassed election returns this week, they were surprised to learn that Mrs. Charles W. Beardmore , Republican candidate for state representative, had won by a margin of 63 votes, instead of being defeated by seven votes as the unofficial returns gave it.

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