Saturday, December 03, 2022

Let police complete investigation; honor Darcey by supporting fair

| November 17, 2022 1:00 AM

Dear Bonner County

My name is Jim Smith - Darcey Smith's husband. I do not have social media and this is the best way I can address this issue. Unfortunately, a press release was put out by the Bonner County Sheriff's Office regarding the investigation into Darcey.

Although I think the timing is poor, I want to take a moment and ask that people settle down about this investigation.

Those who know Darcey know that she would never do this and I firmly believe this. However, someone felt compelled to file the necessary report that opened the investigation. Let's allow law enforcement to complete this investigation free from threats and accusations.

We respect law enforcement and taught our children to as well. Please do not let rumor, fear and anger direct your actions and words. There is anger about Darcey and she would not want anyone to be angry.

Those who know Darcey knows she was all about the Fairgrounds, love, and happiness so let's direct our negativity to ensuring the success of the Fairgrounds in perpetuity. Attend the events, approach the fairgrounds to hold your events, ensure the success of the many vendors that sell their goods at the fairgrounds. This is what we should be doing to honor and remember Darcey, not threatening or accusing.

Let me make this clear, no one put me up to this letter.

When the investigation shows that Darcey did not do this, maybe the law enforcement will look at those that initiated the investigation. Maybe those that protest too much …



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