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Panida Century Fund gains on its goal

| November 18, 2022 1:00 AM

The Panida Century Fund has moved closer to its goal to replace the theater roof, as generous individuals donated a total $1,860.18 over the course of the week.

But – like magic – that amount is doubled to $3,720.36 when matched by Ting Internet through its pledge to match all donations from individuals.

With this week's tally, a total of $192,026.13 has been raised toward the Century Fund's first-year goal of $273,100.

"We're verging on the $200,000 level," Panida Board Chair Jim Healey said. "The support from our donors has been just wonderful, and we're hopeful we can achieve our goal before year's end."

And speaking of year's end, Healey added: "We're heading into the end-of-the-year giving, which is a nice thing to do. And thanks to the Ting match, if you do choose to give – it's going to be twice as big. "

The Century Fund has a five-year goal broken out in annual phases, to raise a total $1.9 million to address long-deferred maintenance needs leading up to the Panida’s 100th anniversary in November 2027. The first year's goal will provide the funds to replace the theater's roof, which has experienced wintertime leaking.

The campaign has gotten a huge boost from Ting Internet, which has pledged to match individual donations of $5,000 and under, up to a total of $200,000 over the five-year campaign.

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