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Spinosa, O'Hara claim derby wins

| November 29, 2022 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — Despite less than ideal weather, a few hardy anglers hit the lake Sunday in the final day of Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club's 2022 Fall Thanksgiving Derby.

"Day eight had severe winds and big waves," LPOIC's Dave Gillespie said. "There were some very hardy anglers that did make it to the water and actually managed to catch and weigh fish."

While some anglers were able to make it out onto Lake Pend Oreille for a final day of fishing in the derby, none of the leaderboards saw any changes.

Dan Spinosa finished the derby as the unofficial winner of the adult rainbow division with a 27.80-pound, 36 3/4 fish. In the adult Mackinaw division, Shane O'Hara landed a 19.90-pound, 38-inch Mackinaw to claim that division's top spot.

Finishing in second place in the rainbow division was Josh Shelton, who caught a 24.85-pound, 38-inch fish on opening day. Dale Greene, who caught a 21.35-pound, 35 1/2 inch rainbow on Wednesday to claim the third-place spot on the leaderboard. Catching his way onto the leaderboard in the final days was Justin Teegarden, who caught a 17.15-pound, 33-inch rainbow.

Finishing the derby in second place on the Mackinaw leaderboard was Jim Carothers, who caught a 11.65-pound, 30 1/2-inch beauty on opening day. Finishing third was John Cosolito, who caught a 11.20-pound, 31-inch fish. Finishing in the fourth- through tenth-place spots were Josh LaRue, Brad Sturgis, Dale Greene, Susan Houk, Becky Sturgis, Jeff Miller, and Fisher LaRue.

In the Junior Dvision, Damian Porter claimed the top spot, catching a 6.65-pound, 26 1/4-inch Mackinaw on opening day.

In the Youth A Division, Donnie Houk Jr. took top honors with a 32-inch rainbow. Lyla Shelton finished in second-place, and Lauren Porter finished in third-place.

In the Youth B division, Liam Sturgis was first with a 34 1/2-inch rainbow, followed by Ember Shelton in second.

K&K Derby 2022

Unofficial results

(Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022)

Adult rainbow trout

No fish caught.

Dan Spinosa, 27.80 pounds, 36 3/4 inches (released); 2. Josh Shelton, 24.85 pounds, 38 inches (released); 3. Dale Greene, 21.35 pounds, 35 1/2 inches (released); 4. Justin Teegarden, 17.15 pounds, 33 inches.

Adult Mackinaw division

  1. Shane O'Hara, 19.90 pounds, 38 inches. 2. Jim Carothers, 11.65 pounds, 30 1/2 inches; 3. John Cosolito, 11.20 pounds, 31 inches; 4. Josh LaRue, 7.25 pounds, 31 inches; 5. Brad Sturgis, 5.20 pounds, 25 inches; 6. Dale Greene, 4.90 pounds, 24 inches; 7. Susan Houk, 4.60 pounds, 24 3/4 inches; 8. Becky Sturgis, 4.10 pounds, 24 inches; 9. Jeff Miller, 3.2 pounds, 22 1/2 inches; 10. Fisher LaRue, 3.00 pounds, 21 1/2 inches.

Junior Division

Damian Porter, 6.65 pounds, 26 1/4 inch Mackinaw.

Youth A division

Donnie Houk Jr., 32-inch rainbow (released); 2. Lyla Shelton, 30 3/4-inch rainbow (released); 3. Lauren Porter, 27 5/8-inch rainbow (released).

Youth B Division

Liam Sturgis, 34 1/2-inch rainbow (released); 2. Ember Shelton, 34-inch rainbow (released).

Mackinaw of the Day

Nov. 19 — Jim Carothers

Nov. 20 — Brad Sturgis 

Nov. 21 — Jim Carothers

Nov. 22 — Jim Carothers

Nov. 23 — John Cosolito

Nov. 25 — Shane O'Hara

Nov. 26 — No entry

Nov. 27 — Bert Dennett

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