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BCRCC prohibits recording at meetings

Hagadone News Network | April 8, 2023 1:00 AM

BONNERS FERRY — The Boundary County Republican Central Committee voted to prohibit any form of recording at meetings until after the next elections.

BCRCC chairman Caleb Davis thanked Idaho Republican Party chairwoman Dorothy Moon for the advice and for visiting with the committee on March 17.

“Wonderful trip and honored that she was willing to come out and spend time with our committee,” Davis said.

Davis said Moon gave the committee sound advice and said committee members felt “blessed to have a chairwoman come out to do that.”

Erik Olson, state committeeman, made the motion to prohibit recording devices at meetings to sunset until reorganization after the next election. The motion was approved, with Gregory Lamberty, precinct committeeman for Bonners Ferry/Kooteani and Mitchell Moseley, youth committeeman voting “no.”

Davis clarified the motion would not affect Mugsy’s Tavern and Grill security cameras since the committee has no authority over the business.

A five-minute recess was held after the vote to allow people to follow the new rule, Davis said.

Adrienne Norris with the Boundary County Watchman said she’d stop recording video when the camera behind the board is shut off as well. Olson took down the camera promptly at the recess.

Lamberty wanted to add public comment to the agenda after the treasurer’s report. Moseley agreed, wanting to hear from members of the public that have elected them. The motion failed and the original agenda was adopted.

Lamberty then moved to update the March minutes to add the altercation between precinct committeeman for Copeland Mark Moseley and state committeeman Danielle Ahrens.

Davis said he was opposed to adding the altercation due to it being under investigation and the BCRCC does not want to subjugate the committee to the potential liability.

Sue Larson said the alleged altercation took place before the meeting was reopened.

The alleged assault, which took place at the March meeting, happened as the committee was coming out of executive session. However, the BCRCC had not yet gone back on record or re-opened the meeting.

The motion failed and the minutes were not updated.

Before the start of the meeting, Teri Morelli,owner of Mugsy’s Tavern and Grill, said members of the BCRCC apologized for what happened at the March meeting.

Morelli said BCRCC is still welcomed to meet at the Mugsy’s but that the meeting must not be disruptive to other restaurant patrons.