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County must take steps to improve behavior

| April 25, 2023 1:00 AM

The Bee (April 12, 2023) reported that the Board of Bonner County Commissioners was “scolded for (the) chaotic meeting.” (Held on Tuesday, April 11, 2023.)

I offer these remedial suggestions. (Fair notice – I am a grumpy retired government functionary.)

First, work through your agenda items before asking for public comment.

Second, leave time for public comment. That will require you to restrict the agenda items.

Third, if some agenda items are pressing, have a second (or third or fourth) meeting during the month so you can devote the time needed.

Fourth, if the public needs more than their allotted time, have meetings for discussion only.

Fifth, prepare and distribute a press release whenever you have had a meeting where the public has shown unusual interest.

Sixth, contract for a parliamentarian, and consider giving the Parliamentarian authority to shut off the microphones of people refusing to comply with Robert’s Rules of Order.

Seventh contract with the Sheriff’s Office to provide one or more Deputies to remove persons who will not comply with the instructions of the parliamentarian.

Finally, update your county regulations to permit these actions.