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Bonner County History - Aug. 22, 2023

| August 22, 2023 1:00 AM

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50 Years Ago

Sandpoint News-Bulletin

Aug. 22, 1973 — BIRTHS

Aug. 13 — Mr. and Mrs. Gary Syth, Sandpoint, boy, 7 lb. 6¾ oz.; Aug. 15 — Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Oliver, Sandpoint, girl, 7 lb. 12½ oz.; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Jones, Cocolalla, girl, 10 lb. 13¼ oz.; Aug. 17 — Mr. and Mrs. James Tsapatoris, Sandpoint, girl, 7 lb. 3½ oz.



A pair of old-fashioned one-act melodramas will be staged Thursday at the Bonner County Fair. Before the first play, “Curse You, Jack Dalton,” cast members will briefly instruct the audience in booing, hissing, and cheering. Actors include Ted Hadley as Jack Dalton; Patsy Thompson; Mark Nelson; Leitol Ruen; Linda Nelson; David Jones and Anne Finney.

Cast members for the second melodrama, “The Great Western Melodrama,” include Norma Riffle, Kris Grorud, Jeannie Davis, Steve Gill, David Jones, Selma Bair, Tom Walker, and Dan Lund.



The Bonner County Fair secretarial staff is loading boxes, purchasing supplies, and organizing the office in preparation for the bookkeeping phase of the Bonner County Fair. Mrs. Sandi Dahl, Miss Colleen Anderson, Mrs. Marilyn Bruce, and Mrs. Lynette Rembowski will be serving as receptionists, making announcements, and keeping things organized. While the fair is running, the county extension office at the Courthouse will be closed.

75 Years Ago

Sandpoint News-Bulletin

Aug. 22, 1948 — TAKE HOLIDAY

Dan Fall, Bud Newton and Dannie Chaney left early this morning for Edmonton, Alberta [Canada]. The trio plan to make a week’s vacation of the trip, stopping at Calgary and Banff on their way.



A group of Dover young people enjoyed the hayride party on North Boyer Thursday night.

We are glad to report that Mrs. Myra Clemence, who has been confined to her bed for six weeks, is able to be up for awhile each day now.

The Sam Anderson family of Selle were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Lundblad.

Eddie Crockett of Sandpoint spent Saturday at the Hodge home.



Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dreisbach and son, Phillip, who have lived in Sandpoint for years, moved to their home at Trestle Creek recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Butler and children last week drove to St. Maries. Mr. Butler returned that day, but the rest stayed a few days with the Mike Eckmans.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heath and children arrived from California to occupy the Frank Rose home, which they purchased some time ago.

A number of lakeshore owners had piling driven last week and work is underway to pull the old piling that has been in the middle of Ellisport bay since “mill days” while Mr. Gibson had his outfit here.

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