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Businesses stand in support of recall

| August 24, 2023 1:00 AM

Copper Bay Construction has taken a public stand along with over 100 other area businesses in favor of the WBCSD recall effort.

Any reasonable person who has paid attention to what Keith Rutledge and Susan Brown are doing to destroy our school system would have to be totally supportive of this recall.

As business owners, we understand how very important an educated workforce is for our community’s wellbeing. I’m willing and honored to stand with the majority of our citizens and the hardworking, underpaid employees of our district in this fight to return the leadership to people who have the best interests of our kids and our community.

Hiring the unqualified Branden Durst and letting him run amuck with the district’s business has been a huge mistake. Allowing him to run off a large percentage of WBCSD’s competent staff and completely ignoring the concerns of the majority of the parents is even worse.

Willingly ignoring legalities and edicts from the Idaho State Board of Education while making wildly unsubstantiated claims of underhanded dealings by WBCSD past staff is setting the stage for many legal liabilities. Rutledge and Brown’s decisions are destroying our schools. And it seems they are intent on doing it at any cost.

School boards are entrusted with running our district. Rutledge and Brown’s radical actions thus far are costing WBCSD much more than we can imagine. Their actions are depriving our children of the educational opportunities they so very much deserve. Vote for the recall Aug. 29.