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BCSO seeking off-road vehicle grant

| January 22, 2023 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — The Bonner County Sheriff's Office is seeking grant funding from the Off-Road Motor Vehicle Fund, which is administered by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.

Grant funds would be used to improve and increase educational efforts related to off-road motor vehicle activities and to provide enforcement as needed.

"Unfortunately, Bonner County has experienced a number of injury and fatal OHV accidents necessitating intervention designed to reduce accident rates," Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler said in an online press release. "These grant funds will assist in providing the staffing necessary to address this issue in a positive manner."

Educational efforts will include classes on off-road vehicle laws as well as rider and environmental safety issues (i.e. weather, avalanche, etc.). In addition, deputies would be assigned to contact riders in the field to discuss legal requirements and safety issues in real-time.

"While BCSO is committed to education, there are times when significant safety issues need to be addressed to change behaviors that contribute to accidents," Wheeler said. "Deputies will also focus on compliance with annual registration requirements that help fund regional trail maintenance to improve the user experience and enhance safety."

ORMV grants are funded through a portion of the state's gas tax.

Comments may be directed to Lt. Douglas McGeachy by email at on or before Jan. 25.