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Bonner County updates voter rolls

| March 22, 2023 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — Just shy of 880 people were moved from the county's voter rolls as Bonner County joined the rest of the state in completing a biennial review of Idaho's voter registration system.

In total, 878 inactive voters were moved from the county's voter rolls, Tere Schultz, Bonner County elections manager, said.

"We remove voters as we are made aware that they have moved, passed away, or are otherwise found to be ineligible," she told the Daily Bee in an email.

The effort is part of a larger move by the state to ensure the accuracy and integrity of its voter rolls, Idaho Secretary of State officials said in a press release Tuesday.

County elections offices throughout the state recently completed the review. A total of 74,332 voters statewide removed from the system due to inactivity, change of address, or who were otherwise determined to be ineligible to vote.

"Maintaining accurate voter rolls is essential to the integrity of our elections," said Secretary Phil McGrane, "We want to ensure that only eligible voters are registered to vote and that their information is up-to-date. Registering to vote in Idaho is simple. Voters can visit, register at your county election office, or register at the polls on Election Day."

The biennial list maintenance process, which is required by state law, serves to ensure that residents who have moved, haven’t voted in four years, or who have become ineligible to vote are removed from the voter rolls. Regular maintenance occurs throughout the year, a process that includes comparing the information with state agencies and government databases to keep records current, Secretary of State officials said.

“Idaho’s 44 county clerks are dedicated to keeping every Idaho election safe and secure. This means making sure we have the most accurate voter rolls,” said Lon Colton, president of the Idaho Association of Recorders and Clerks. “We share best practices of voter maintenance and cleanup, take public feedback, and appreciate working closely with Secretary McGrane’s Office.”

Like elsewhere in Idaho, Kootenai County Clerk Jennifer Locke said her elections staff are diligent in maintaining voter rolls.

"Cleaning and updating these rolls on a continual basis requires a substantial time commitment," Locke said. "However, it is essential we continue this process to protect the integrity of our elections and ensure voter confidence."

County election offices sent notices prior to cancellation to affected individuals. Voters who have not cast a ballot in the last four years may re-register online at, register at a county election office, or register at the polls during early voting or on Election Day.

Voters may check their voter record and learn more about voting and elections in Idaho at