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Commissioners need to do jobs or resign

| May 16, 2023 1:00 AM

Louis Marshall is a very responsive public servant. I have asked all kinds of questions over the years and always get a prompt, concise reply.

When I saw that two of our Bonner County commissioners said otherwise, I reached out to Louis. He has not been unreachable and the HR package has been approved.

So why did our two highly respected Coms misrepresent this multiple times? The clear insinuation was that Louis was too busy or was not responsive. Had they asked in February, they would have received it in February. It is now May. Why mislead us? It's HR for goodness sake.

Must everything be political to you guys?


Why are you so aggressively hostile toward our sheriff and prosecutor? We need to know.

Since when did BOCC govern based on stringy federal grants?

Who is the customer base for a campground next to the jail?

Where are all of the progressives defending the only commissioner with our collective good in mind? I can't be the only one disgusted by the abhorrent behavior shown to Commissioner Williams.

Are we a racist community? It looks really bad.

I have requested that they view videos of the meetings when Cary Kelly was in charge, but, apparently, they think their ill behavior is stellar and lean into their biases.

Ms. Williams is by far the most competent of the three and it is frustrating that they seem to share the belief that she should be squelched on all issues. Even HR?

More needy candidates for Charm and Ethics School have never existed on BOCC, and it is a serious problem.

Do your job or resign.