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Are we marching toward social fascism?

| May 21, 2023 1:00 AM

The 2022 BGH birth rate of 265 equates to Pend Oreille Health District Sandpoint Women’s Health salaries of $1.7 million, which required $692,000 in POHD tax funding to break even. Arguably, POHD’s tax funding includes unlawful obstetric salaries at the time of in-patient delivery.

The 2021 BGH births were not tracked by POHD, however, proportionate expense and revenue amounts of SWH salaries being $1.6 million, which required $641,000 in POHD funding to break even, suggests about 247 births.

Losing one doctor and representing that this community is unable to fulfill and/or recruit and fund a pro-life obstetric doctor and nurse(s) is hogwash? Will the BGH doctor rescind her resignation now that House Bill 374 has passed with RINO Rep. Sauter, bureaucratic Rep. Dixon and liberty-conservative Rep. Herndon’s approval?

BGH has maintained a multi-decade exercise of subsidy budgeting, which appears of marginal assistance in its ability to compete with Kootenai operational policy and care standards. Further, BGH has been negatively impacted by its internal decisions wrought by the effects of covid19 mandatory masking and vaccination fascism upon its patients and employees, all for C.M.S., federal, money.

Why didn’t the 2022 BGH Community Health Service Need Assessment identify a potential obstetric service problem?

BGH board and POHD chairman Lawrence’s explanation of pediatric staff coverage shortage, patient volume decreases, and the legal political climate, appears to be another national media montage diatribe supporting a foundational baby step toward single-payer obstetric healthcare services, if not all healthcare services.

Watch for POTUS to exacerbate the goose-step toward social fascism in the coming months with the amendment to World Health Organization rules and implementation of central bank digital currency to monitor healthcare expenses, among all other personal, and once private, expenses.